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NikkiZ has been saying the weirdest thing lately. “Aybeesibers.” At first we thought it was a morphing of the ABCs. Like, “A,B, SiBers” or something like that. Mainly we thought that because she usually said it when we were singing songs. MrZ loved the word so much he started just using it randomly in conversation with her. She would be babbling and then he would look at her and say, “Aybeesibers?” Like, his attempt at using her language. She usually ignored him.

Well, he called me two days ago while bringing her home from school. “I figured it out!” he exclaimed proudly, “I know what aybeesibers means!”

Evidently they had been singing together on the commute. First, the ABCs. Then she asked for, “The Monkey Song.” Which is the one about the monkeys jumping on the bed. Then, after they finished that song, she evidently said, “Aybeesibers! Aybeesibers! Wash it out! Wash it out!” And then it clicked to MrZ. (I don’t know if it would have for me.)

Aybeesibers = Itsy Bitsy Spider

She says it when she wants us to sing about the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Which we’ve not been doing because (A) we didn’t understand her and (b) we didn’t know she knew that song. But now we do. And we are all happier for it.

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  1. Also, don’t you wonder if she will be thinking “oh, look who just caught up”? 😆

  2. Adorable! Those fun words are the best. My tip – don’t EVER stop using them!!! It has been almost 10 years now and we still say “crama” instead of camera and “mazagene” instead of magazine.

  3. When Girlscout was her age – she would sing “You don’t know!” at the top of her lungs, over and over and over. We couldn’t figure the tune out till the movie Pocahontas came on and she started singing to it – (Color of the Wind)

  4. LOL! When I first started reading this I thought she meant Babysitters. You can tell how bad I am at deciphering toddler speak. Way to go MrZ for figuring that one out!!!!

  5. I was so excited on Monday b/c I finally deciphered some of my little girl’s toddler speak! My DD (2 months older than NikkiZ) would randomly go into the kitchen and say “Kicki-ass.” I’d try to have her show me what the heck “kicki-ass” was. I’d finally say I didn’t know what kicki-ass was and then she’d repeat that randomly throughout the the last couple weeks: “Mommy don’t know kicki-ass is.”

    I mean, she does say “dammit” on a regular basis as a proper curseword thanks to me (dammit! she shouldn’t do that!), but I know I don’t say “kick ass,” and kicki-ass didn’t mean cookies (our next best guess)….

    So what is kicki-ass?


    She’s been joyfully eating kicki-ass/tortillas since Monday whenever she requests them. Silly girl couldn’t show it to me in the kitchen before b/c we didn’t have any at those times!

  6. *forehead smack* o.m.g. quit with the immense cuteness already!! 😉 any why is it that when *I* talk like that, everyone just says i’m drunk? oh, right. because i am. heh.

  7. so adorable.
    when my sister was little, we used to pack snacks for her–usually a little tupperware thing with shredded cheese, cheerios, and raisins.
    she called it “cheese beezers.”

    i have no idea why, but we still use the term when referring to shredded cheese.

  8. The one I am proudest of figuring out:

    “Chi-chi-chi’s” = T-t-t’s = the crosses on the heads of the screws in the wooden planks = let’s go play on the wooden fort.

  9. I don’t know if Alex is a regular reader, or just a nice guy that hopped on here to give you free stuff, but something about that comment creeps me out!

  10. Ok, wow- this must be a serious widespread problem for toddlers.

    No joke, my 18 month old was walking around saying what sounded like “abc, abc”- we were so excited that she knew her abc’s, at least that part anyway, and we hadn’t even taught them to her yet!

    Well, imagine our surprise when she was looking through a national geographic catalog and pointed to a stuffed robotic spider and said “abc, abc”.

    Yeah, duh mom and dad, it was totally “itsy bitsy”

  11. I love when they have their own little words. I know it’s bad, but I don’t even correct my girls with some of their “words.” It just so damned cute!

  12. How CUTE! I bet she was thinking, “OMG, WHEN are these guys gonna get it?” T used to like to play with the turkey baster in the tub, but he called it the dartler…kids are so creative!

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