Halloween Wrap-Up

I haven’t given you the recap of our Halloween yet because I wanted to get all my pictures uploaded. Halloween stories are much better with pictures, don’t you think?

Halloween started for NikkiZ with a parade at her school. The parents all gather in a circle outside while the kids parade inside the circle and try to find their parents. It’s always fun but makes the kids (especially the toddlers) a little perplexed. This picture represents a couple of seconds after NikkiZ realized she had just passed us in the crowd. She did a quick turn-around to spot us again and ended up falling on her ass and almost taking down the teacher with her. It was pretty awesome. 

We took NikkiZ out trick-or-treating for a little while last night. However, since she is oddly bashful around people she doesn’t know, it turned out to be more MrZ and I carrying her to the doors of homes on our street and asking people to give us candy. We have an awesome street for Halloween, loads of decorations and haunted houses, but she was a bit overwhelmed. BUT – once we got back to our house and settled in to hand out candy? She started perking up. We were on her turf, I guess. She sat out with us the whole time, putting candy in all of the kids’ bags. I think she liked that part better than trick-or-treating. Of course, she wanted to give giant handfuls to everyone, but when you get several hundred kids you have to be a little stingy.

We ran out of candy (400+ pieces of candy, mind you) around 7:45. One of these years we’re going to just go crazy and buy 20lbs just so we don’t run out. I thought 400+ pieces would be plenty, but the kids that walked past our house for hours later obviously objected. There is nothing worse than having to turn away a princess at your door. At that point I had already given some from the kids baskets at our house, we were spent.

All in all it was a good Halloween. LilZ trick-or-treated as Michael Meyers with a few friends and we ended the night with milkshakes from Sonic. (We evidently didn’t get enough sugar by that point.) NikkiZ woke up this morning and immediately started asking for candy. I told her, “We don’t eat candy for breakfast!” And then I hid the wrappers from the chocolate I had been eating the minutes before she woke up.

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  1. Too cute. I really should have taken my 9 month old around for candy but by the time I got done taking pictures of him in his costume (110 pictures, 1 hour) he was so done with the costume. So alas I almost ran out of candy and started having to be stingy with it with the last few kids. We ended up with a few lone pieces rattling at the bottom of the cauldron which I will eat tonight while my hubby is out of town.

  2. She looks so cute! I love it.

    And you’re right about the hot dog costume. The tongs really sealed the deal there.

  3. Aww, she is the cutest Scooby ever!

    This is the first year in a long time that we had leftover candy. My mother favors that handful distribution too, but we kept reminder her yesterday to only give a few pieces.

  4. She’s sure a cutie. You must have an awesome street for trick-or-treat. We didn’t even have the meter reader last night. Zero kids, zero teens. So sad.

  5. Hello! I wanted to say hi, cause I am a horrible lurker, but your blog is one of my favorites, and you are the main reason I signed up for NaBloPoMo! Also, aside from posting every day of November, my other goal is to comment on someone’s blog every day, since as I said, I am a horrible lurker! (hard to comment when holding my baby in one hand, coffee in the other, and barely have the ability to click on the next link in my blog list! bad excuse, I know) so…Hi!

  6. of course, I forget to actually COMMENT on your post….

    NikiZ is adorable as Scooby! I love the posts about her, and about LilZ. Gonna post a picture of him as Michael Meyers? (who I only vaguely know about, as I am a wimp about scary movies.)

  7. That is the cutest Scooby I have ever seen in my entire life.

    My stepdaughter (a sixth grader) went trick or treating just so she could dress up our English Setter in a tu-tu and take her along. Oh, a tu-tu and a feather boa. Let us not forget the boa.

  8. Several hundred kids? Wow. Make sure NikkiZ doesn’t see where you stash the candy. My niece discovered her big sister’s Halloween candy when she was about NikkiZ’s age. My brother-in-law found her in the closet going to TOWN on some chocolate.

  9. My friend and I took her girls out trick or treating. Her youngest has food allergies (eggs and nuts), so we had to sort the candy. Her big sister thought she got all the candy that Katie couldn’t eat…but I told her she needed to share and that she had to give Katie one piece of her allergen free candy for each piece of Katie’s “bad” candy. She started to object and then I told her that I would get all the Reese’s peanut butter cups (her favorite) and she changed her tune. We all shared nicely and I got all the Almond Joy’s…which is what I really wanted! πŸ™‚ I love kids! πŸ™‚

  10. My baby was a hot dog this year as well. No tongs, tho. I’m just trying to get embarrassing fodder for later in his life.

    (cackles madly)

  11. That is too cute! She is adorable. I was fortunate enough that when Amelia was younger, she had Chickie to go with. As long as Chickie was there and she could hold her hand she was ok to walk up to the doors. The hot dog costume was absolutely brilliant! It sounds like she had a great time all the way around! Did LilZ dress up this year?

  12. I totally ate candy for breakfast too. Hey, you remember months ago when you recommended the Harry Potter Special Edition of Entertainment Weekly? I looked for it at the time and couldn’t find it anywhere. Yesterday, I was sitting in the hospital waiting room while my son had surgery and Ta Da! it was right there. I totally stole it.

  13. Love the Scooby costume. Too cute!

    And that hotdog is priceless. I love seeing costume ideas I’ve never thought of before. That’s one…

  14. Yeah, it’s pretty hard to tell them no and hide the chocolate breath at the same time! I will be writing a post for my own NaBloPoMo about our trick-or-treating experiences.

    Excellent costume, by the way! She could not have looked more adorable!

  15. Can you explain this parade thing to me. I’ve read about it before when your little one has done it. I bought a daycare last May and I’m always on the hunt for new stuff to do. I wish I had thought and asked you before now…duh. If you have any other activities that they do, please share with me.

  16. ROFLMAO!!! My kids did the exact same thing… “Mom we want candy for breakfast!” LOL Ummm No. And I hurried to hide the Hershey wrapper from the one I had only moments earlier, lol

    NikkiZ makes an adorable Scooby

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