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I’m suffering a sugar hangover

Man. Is it Monday already? This weekend did NOT last long enough. I feel like it was about 4 seconds long. I only spent about 5 minutes at the computer all weekend yet I feel like it was just yesterday when I was at my desk at work. Seriously. WHO STOLE MY WEEKEND?

We celebrated NikkiZ’s birthday Saturday because it was one of the few weekends surrounding her birthday that everyone would be in town and off work. It also worked out to be a weekend my mom was able to make it down, so she came down Friday for the Saturday party.

The great thing about the second birthday is Nikkiz’s old enough to understand presents and cake and candy, but not actually old enough to understand the word “birthday.” So, we kept telling her we were going to have a birthday party Saturday, but those words meant nothing until she saw the Spiderman tablecloth and the Pablo Cake. Then she started getting excited.

It was loads of fun, mainly because NikkiZ understood she was the center of attention and took the opportunity to be ten times funnier than usual. Her Mimi gave her a baby doll that laughs and cries and such “real” baby things. Someone asked her the baby’s name, not really expecting an answer since she doesn’t really understand that concept. Then, to the surprise of everyone there, she said, “Dawson.” We were all, “Huh?” But the name stuck. And she has called that baby “Dawson” all weekend. I have no idea where she heard that name or how she understood the concept of naming something, but we now have a doll named Dawson. She also handed out her sour-patch kids (her favorite candy) based on color because there are certain flavors she doesn’t like. Grandpa got the yellow ones.

She also got loads of Thomas stuff, since it’s her new love. She doesn’t watch the TV show, but she had some Thomas bubble bath once, and the top was shaped like a train and she carried it around forever. Now – she has books and puzzles and pillows. She died and went to Thomas heaven this weekend. She cuddled up with her Thomas pillow at one point and said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

We only had one semi-bad thing happen this weekend: My Mom left to head home yesterday morning in her BRAND NEW HONDA ACCORD. About 40 miles outside of town she calls broken down on the side of the road. In her BRAND NEW CAR. Less than 500 miles on it. The first new car she has owned in, like 25 years. She bought it about 3 weeks ago. And was broken down on the side of the road in it. Luckily, she has AAA PLUS and was able to get it towed to the Huntsville dealership. We’re hoping they fix it today and it costs her nothing since it’s a damn 2008 that she bought less than a month ago. We all love having her another day, but the circumstances just suck donkey butts.

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  1. AWW too cute!! I love how she has a bunch of toys that are for both boys and girls. She is going to be so well rounded. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Yup, trains AND princesses – that’s what I like to see πŸ˜‰ But we knew you were cool like that ‘cuz of LilZ and his broad interests. (There have to be some straight boys who love musicals, to take us straight girls to the shows! πŸ˜€ Obviously, of our own respective ages, and such…and I hope I didn’t just stick my foot in my mouth at all? If I did, sorry!)
    And re: your mom. (heh.) I’m sure they’ll fix her car up no problem – that is so weird and random that it quit on her, but I have a Honda and they’ve always taken great care of me, so I’m sure they’ll do the same for her! (Or at least I really, really hope so!)

  3. Awww — Happy Birthday NikkiZ! (And how is it I didn’t realize our kids were *that* close in age? I could have sworn she was a whole MONTH older…not just a couple of weeks)

  4. Happy Birthday, NikkiZ! It’s nice to see she has a pretty wide variety of interests. My niece went through a phase where she named everything “Tina.” I don’t know.

  5. Ahh yes the 2 year old birthday party came as a total surprise to FuzzyHead too but now she regularly asks, “It’s my birthday?” as if this magical day will suddenly pop up out of nowhere again on any given day. Poor thing has to suffer through “sissy’s birthday” this week, it’s a hard lesson.

    I know it’s a long haul from Huntsville but there is a whole big Thomas the Train weekend going on in Cordele GA for the next two weekends. They dress up the shortline train to look like Thomas and you get a 25 minute ride on him … details here

  6. Happy Birthday NikkiZ!

    My niece celebrated her second birthday this weekend too! We had a Dora explosion in my brother’s house.

    And maybe NikkiZ is secretly watching re-runs of Dawson’s Creek while you’re not looking? I’m more of a Pacey fan myself.

  7. I’m glad my kid isn’t the only one that became Thomas obsessed just because he is a TRAIN! without ever having seen the show;> If it comes in a version with Thomas, he wants it, and in his opinion, everything should come in a Thomas version.

  8. Happy birthday to NikkiZ! I have be lurking for awhile and wanted to stop in and say Hi. I just have to ask, is that a Shiner Bock beer I see sitting in the background on the coffee table? It is my favorite beer and I didn’t realize it was popular outside of Texas.

  9. Happy Birthday NikkiZ! Also, I drive a 2006 Accord that recently broke in a spectacular way. The transmission was completely destroyed when a component broke. Apparently, this has happened before and they replaced it under warranty even though we were out of warranty. There was no reason for a 2 yr old car’s transmission to break in the way mine did. If her issue has anything to do with the transmission, tell her to look it up online b/c there have been many complaints about it.

  10. Happy Birthday, NikkiZ! Two years old, awesome! I suppose I should start thinking about my own toddler’s 2nd birthday party now. hmmm…

  11. holy crap how can it be her birthday all ready? No make it stop!!

    In other news I know someone else who loves Thomas…..

  12. It looks like a toy box threw up all over the living room, just the way it should for a 2-year birthday party. Happy Birthday, NikkiZ!

    BTW, I’m 99.9% sure that Dawson is a really, really minor character in Thomas the Train cartoons. My 5-year old nephew is willing to confirm, but really, who trusts 5-year olds?

  13. Happy birthday NikkiZ! I can’t believe it’s been two years already! Meelie loves hot wheels and monster trucks. He loved dolls/barbies as well but doesn’t play with those anymore. I always thought it was great that she had a wide variety of interests.

    As for your mom…I’m just glad she’s safe. And hey! Even if the circumstances are the pits, at least you have her for another day (but man that does really suck about the car).

  14. Hey Zoot,

    I’ve bee reading your blog for a couple of months, can we become friends and share pictures. I miss seeing your fabulous photography. I have a little girl too, and I have worked really hard over the last two years to get some decent pictures of her. If you dont want to I entirely understand.

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