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Dear LilZ,

Tonight, when I picked you up after work and immediately started bitching about my bad day, I was probably closer to crying than you realized. It had been one of those days. A day where I felt like everyone was yelling at me all day. A day where I wondered if I should have even bothered getting out of bed. A day where I felt so overwhelmed by my To-Do list that I barely go anything done because I sat there, staring at the list, and wondering where to begin. The day sucked donkey butts. Seriously stinky donkey butts.

I just grumbled and grumbled about my crappy day and started on dinner as soon as we got home. As you played with your sister and told me about your day, I grouched some more. Probably ruining several of your stories because I was too focused on my own bad mood. I’m sure my fuse was short and I should have paid you more attention, as well as your sister.

And what did you do? After dinner you said, “Why don’t I play with NikkiZ for a little while so you can take a bath?”

Do you know how awesome that was? In that moment, I was so proud of you. You were sympathetic to me and you made a kind offer to help. You could have gotten grumpy too, and stormed off to your room. But you didn’t. You offered to give me a break. And boy, did I take it. I soaked in the tub and read the latest TV Guide until the bubbles disappeared from the water. I stepped out of the tub feeling like a million dollars and took over baby patrol so you could go talk on the phone and play on iTunes. You probably saved yourself from a nighttime of nagging by giving me that small break, but you also reminded me how damn awesome you are in every way. I just don’t think I could thank you enough for just being the coolest kid around. You are the best big brother NikkiZ could ever dream of having, and she knows that. But you are also the best son a mother could hope for.

Thank you.


(Edited to Add: This was written last night. I realized seeing it that LilZ could be confused if he reads this today and think, “What the hell? Is Mom drinking again?”)

36 thoughts on “Dear LilZ,”

  1. Awww, that’s so sweet… both LilZ’s offer and your letter. He is such an awesome kid. And you are an awesome mom for raising him that way.

  2. So nice to hear I’m not the only one getting teary-eyed reading this! Can LilZ come live with me for a while??

  3. Well now I’m crying.

    So, please tell us all how you ended up with such a fabulous kid? How do I get Zoe to turn out like him?

  4. Clearly you’re an awesome mom to have raised such an empathetic son. And especially a son! Raise him well so his wife won’t hate you πŸ™‚

  5. Zoot,
    LilZ makes me look forward to my 6 year old growing up. He turned 6 today, and I cried a little knowing how fast he is becoming a little man. Now, I realize that I have so much to look forward to.

  6. And all due credit to parents who create the environment that fosters such behavior. (In other words, good job Zoot and MrZ!)

  7. Dear Zoots,

    You have a nice family. You guys are always so good about looking out for each other — it’s very inspiring. I think we can all learn a little something here. Now, I’m going to go bake chocolate chip cookies for my kids.


    Feeling the Love

  8. LilZ is awesome!
    That brought tears to my eyes. You do have an awesome family, and I have hope that my son will be just as caring and helpful.

  9. What a great kid you’ve raised there Zoot! I know you are so proud of him, but be proud of yourself too for instilling those values and helping him develop into such a caring, insightful, compassionate young man!

  10. That totally made me cry. I’m having the same kind of day, and I’d like to think that maybe one day, Al will be just as intuitive and kind as LilZ. LilZ rocks.

  11. Awww so sweet!!. All 4 of my kids have their own special charms but Ashley, my oldest, she’s the one who does this sort of thing for me. I too feel incredibly blessed to have raised a kids that is that awesome. And my second oldest, Dani, is starting to really get the message of caring about other’s too. She’s started doing that little extra now and then that really helps a person out.

    WTG LilZ… you’re a good kid. But your already know that, heheh

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