Highs and Lows (Revisited)

LilZ, NikkiZ, and I went to Big Spring Jam Saturday night. After a series of very unfortunate events, we cut the night short before even seeing any music. We had to walk about 2 miles just to get to Will Call, then we walked across the park to get to the stage when we realized LilZ’s cell phone was gone. We had to backtrack all the way back to the AVON Tent (???) where a kind lady was holding LilZ’s phone for us. When we got there one woman tried to force me to have a “Lip Makeover” while another woman seemed very disgusted with us and actually said, in a very snotty tone, “Since we helped you by saving your son’s phone, you owe us. You need to sell make-up for us.”

Um, yeah…no thanks.

I was very appreciative, but I’m not going to start selling makeup just because someone did a nice thing. I would like to think I’ll pay it forward in ways that don’t involve cosmetics. Thank you, very much.

At that point, LilZ was so tired he just wanted to go home. I was worn out myself and agreed on one condition: “We eat ice cream first. We deserve ice cream after this night.”

As we were enjoying our dippin’ dots, reviewing the insane evening we were having, LilZ said, “We should start doing ‘Highs and Lows’ again.”

I had completely forgotten about that ritual from LilZ’s childhood. Back when he was little, when it was time for bed, I would lay down with him and we would go over our day – telling the “High” and the “Low” of the day. We laughed that Saturday night gave us several “Lows” to choose from. Luckily, we had a good morning that offered several “Highs” as well – which means we had a pretty well-rounded day. Not as good as a day full of “Highs” but not as bad as a day full of “Lows” either. We’ll take it.

We’ll definitely teach this ritual to NikkiZ (assuming I don’t forget about it again) as soon as she gets old enough to understand that a “High” is more than “BisTits!” for dinner. Although, I think that’s a damn good “High.”

So, I wanted to share that ritual with you. How about you tell me your “High” and “Low” from this past weekend? I’ll start:

HIGH: Seeing LilZ and his friends go KRAZEE over Taylor Swift last night.
LOW: Losing one of my favorite pens out of my purse at Big Spring Jam. I cried. Seriously. I Cried. I take my pens very seriously.

32 thoughts on “Highs and Lows (Revisited)”

  1. Low: Hearing Friday afternoon that my son has yet another ear infection and having my pediatrician suggest we see someone who specializes in sinus surgery. I promptly fainted, well almost.

    High: Dancing to music from the nintendo ds in Wal Mart with my husband!

  2. We’ve been calling them “bis-tits” ever since I read your first entry about them. And by we, I mean my husband and I. Because we are 12.

    Our three year old gets exasperated with us.

  3. I now call them “bis-tits”, too! best. word. ever. and what a cool idea! I want to try to remember this one for the Girl!
    High: it was the weekend. and we didn’t have to do anythign or go anywhere. Also – I got a set of three cast-iron pots from Boscov’s on sale for $8! for all three!

    Low: The Raven’s lost on Sunday, not that I care, but the husb took it very personally.

  4. Ok, I like this idea so much I may steal it. May I?

    Here are mine:

    High: Seeing LSU jump over USC for a #1 AP ranking.

    Low: Realizing that truly, I have no life if that was my high.

  5. High: Lots of good sales on Saturday. I saved $96 at NY & Co.-my total was only $54!

    Low: A headache that started Sunday afternoon and is still going strong today, after 3 Tylenol. Oh, and my MP3 headphones decided to crap out. Again. Anyone have a suggestion for good, cheap headphones to wear while working out? Thanks!

  6. HIGH:Going to the zoo on Sunday as a family. Out of town! (we don’t get out much.)

    LOW:Having a…um…menstrual accident at the Ball State football game on Saturday and having to walk to the car with a blanket conspicuously covering said accident. (am I 12 and in middle school?? Embarrassing!!)

  7. High – buying a $5 sparkly baseball cap from the crafter who made it.
    Low – finding out that my husband did not call the tax office while I was out of town, as he had promised he would do.

  8. High: Finding TOTALLY adorable skunk costume for Liam at Target, and it was only $15!
    Low: Harry having a fever and feeling generally poor on Saturday afternoon.

  9. High: Celebrating our daughter’s 1st Birthday with all our friends and family oh and getting a free massage from my friend that is training to be a Massage Therapist.

    Low: Both the girls have colds and I’m afraid we probably infected the whole family this weekend with our germs.

  10. High: watching Auburn beat Florida, making for a happy husband

    Low: general blah and agony over upcoming travel

  11. High – I had a fantastic Solo diner experience that involved me, a carafe of fresh coffee and a Belgian waffle with sprinkled powdered sugar, good maple syrup …yum.

    Low- Being a little lonely because the husband was away.

  12. High- Going down a slip n slide in 50 degree weather
    Low- Training for a job that I knew wasn’t going to work out

  13. High – Theatre and drinks with friends on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

    Low – Waking up at 5 on Saturday morning with my work to do list running through my mind.

  14. High: getting to hold my 5 month old niece pretty much all weekend and teaching her to blow razzberries

    Low: having to say good bye to my niece and my sister and bro in law this morning.

  15. High: Spending part of Saturday outside, driving around, and enjoying the beautiful weather, and getting things done.

    Low: Being in a dark, dark place yesterday and not feeling like I could reach out to anyone.

  16. High: watching USC win AND the Falcons!

    Low: finding out that they slipped from #1 to #2 behind LSU. WTF? S’Okay. LSU is gonna lose and then they will be right back on top.

  17. High: Feeling like I aced a job interview

    Low: Watching Tony Stewart wreck and subsequently drop to 4th in the points race. My husband thinks it is hilarious that I never watched NASCAR till after I left the South. Oh, I’d give anything to be an hour and a half away from Talladega now!

  18. High: Waking up with Little Boy’s hands on each side of my face this morning, kissing me and telling me he loves me. AND Mancub telling me that he loves and appreciates all I do for him.

    Low: Having a complete mom meltdown yesterday and blowing it with my boys.

    Thank God for the easy forgiveness of 5 and 14 year old boys.

  19. High: Live music Friday night. Even if it was “ska.” Weird. But live. And fun.

    Low: Saving all my homework for Sunday night and trying to work my way through it while watching the end of season 5 of Gilmore Girls. Not that I haven’t seen every single episode of Gilmore Girls already. But it was much more important than homework, of course. And I paid for it today.

  20. I know the pen grief. I know it well. I actually accused (in my head) people in my office of stealing my bestest favorite pen that I had taken out of my purse to write a check…

    Ended up that it wasn’t stolen…somehow I put it in my pocket (odd cuz I don’t usually put anything in my pocket) and then it fell out in my car….ahh my favoritest pen returned after months of being sad it was gone.

  21. Hmmm…good idea. Mind you, you’re making me think.

    High: My sweetie made me a piece of bacon and brought it to me so I could eat it…even though I was in the shower.
    Low: Being unable to wake up for most of Saturday. (I’m sick. bleh.)

  22. We do this with our Young Adults group every week, but we call it Pits and Peaks.
    Low: Being sick, and even lower in energy than usual.
    High: Singing one of my favourite songs in church on Sunday, louder than was really called for 😛 And for the first time in a while, being able to really mean it. (What, your highs don’t make you cry? :P)

  23. High: Seeing The Flaming Lips from the best seats in the house (front row balcony) in all of their wacky costumed, confettied, giant hands, inflatable dancing santa on stage glory.
    Low: Having minor chest pains after pulling 80 lbs of toddlers around the pumpkin patch (I am fine).

  24. This is a great routine. I’m sensing a weekly blog post coming up!

    As for mine, hmm.

    Low: Not getting to talk to people from home long enough.
    High: Finishing an essay after days of not knowing where in the hell I was going with it. It’s done! Party!

  25. Oh man. Its been a low week for me.

    – the 5000 word assignment due in 2 days, of which I have written 2500 words and am now out of ideas
    – My violin teacher (I study post grad violin at Uni) telling me I’m not allowed to do Masters next year, unless I stay behind over my holidays to do extra lessons and then I’ll have a chance. Problem – I just laid down the course fee for an exchange trip to the USA before she told me this.
    – finding out this morning they’ve scheduled my chamber music exam for the ONE DAY I told them I wouldn’t be in town, despite them promising it wouldn’t be that day
    – gaining most of the weight I’ve lost over the past month in about 5 days, and feeling so depressed about that I’m eating more
    – not knowing whether to do the exchange in general, and only having 2 days to decide until I don’t get my money back…
    – not wanting to do the exchange anyway ’cause I miss Christmas with my family, but not wanting to be told I can’t do it
    – and not wanting to do the extra violin lessons, ’cause I have to fly a couple of hours away to do it, and that means I miss this big music festival that my boyfriend’s family are coming up for
    – knowing that doing the violin course won’t even guarantee I’m allowed to do Masters, it just gives me a CHANCE
    – having my ego blown ’cause I never thought I’d be turned down for Masters next year, although I know where she’s coming from and I’m not angry about it, just humiliated
    – but still wanting to do Masters, partly ’cause I only did Honours to lead onto Masters, and party ’cause my Dad couldn’t come to my Bachelors graduation, he won’t be able to come to my graduation next year, so this is my last chance
    – spending about $1000 (aka most of my savings) in the past week on stuff online, ’cause shopping and eating are the only things that make me feel better
    – oh, and having abnormal cells in my smear test, so going for a new one today, only to have the girl get really grumpy at me about something, so that I got so upset I yelled at her and then started bawling my eyes out, and she was so shocked she had to counsel me for a few minutes and then finally she talked me back into the test, but now I feel terrible for yelling at her

    (I couldn’t choose just one)

    Um, but I’m fine. Really! This is a bad week, but its really not THAT bad, compared to finding out I’m dying or something. I totally am aware of that. So anyway, good…

    – One of my kitties sleeping on my bed last night and always seeming delighted to see me
    – The awesome Playboy books I ordered
    – all the other cool stuff I ordered arriving, which is better if I don’t think about how much it cost. The exchange rate SUCKS, even though its getting better
    – Actually having stuff to write about in my essay, rather than ranting about irrelevant things like last time, although now I’ve run out of things
    – wanting to plan a murder mystery dinner night with my friends! (once I can afford to buy the game! haha)

    I’m so sorry to dump all that on your comments section, but thats the first time I’ve written it all down 🙂

  26. HIGH – being at work and enjoying it so much even after two years

    LOW – being away from boyfriend, its been a year now and not having a choice about that at the time being, sucks!!

  27. That’s such a good routine to enjoy. It reminds you (Or me and my kids, hehe) that each day is filled with good and bad and we should remember the good when your having a bad moment. I love that. I am going to steal it, lolol

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