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Hi. Remember Me?

Whew. The internet is here! Yay! I can pop in for 12.2 seconds to tell you why I didn’t post all weekend and then I have to jet and give my daughter a morning bath because her feet are really dirty. (I’ll get to that.)

Big Spring Jam was this weekend which means we spent a large majority of our time wandering around downtown listening to music. Either that or looking for lost cell phones. But that story deserves it’s own entry.

NikkiZ did a lot of dancing by herself (in the dirt = dirty feet) and with her Mom and brother. I didn’t have my good camera with me (not the right environment to keep it safe) and didn’t feel like dragging the small one out of my purse,  (Kim from 2020 curses Kim from 2007, DO YOU NOT REALIZE HOW FAMOUS TAYLOR WOULD BECOME! You should have documented it!) so you will just have to trust me that seeing my 12-year-old son dancing with his 2-year-old sister at a Taylor Swift concert will be one of those memories that I’ll carry with me forever. He had two of his good friends on either side and they were all dancing and singing and, for the first time since I was 12, I actually wished I could be in 7th grade again. Everyone had a blast.

When we weren’t trying to navigate a tiny umbrella stroller up and down curves and hills (I’m starting to see now why many people think those giant expensive strollers are worth it) we were walking the Scarecrow Trail at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. NikkiZ loved that, but not as much as the pumpkin stamp they gave her for the hayride. She was very sad to see that come up with the next bath.

When we weren’t doing those things, or hanging out with family, we were home sleeping. The few moments I had awake, at home, were those few moments it seemed the router wanted to be stingy with allowing me access to cyberspace. Probably a good thing – I might have needed a break from the computer this weekend.

In other words? Best. Weekend. Ever. I’ve got a lot of individual stories to share about it (Like the woman who tried to force a “lip makeover” on me. What the hell is a “lip makeover?”) and I’ll get to those throughout the week. But now? It’s time to wash some stinky feet.

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  1. Zoot, one correction. You mean “trust me that seeing my 12-year-old son dancing with his 2-year-old sister at a..” right. daughter needs to be replaced by sister 🙂

    and its great to see you had so much fun. Take care!

  2. and also, i didn’t notice you hadn’t posted over the weekend.. probably cuz the time difference is a lil weird in the US and India.. anyway.. glad to see a new post when i came in 🙂

  3. 2 year old daughter? Yikes, Zoot, don’t make yourself a Grandma yet! LOL

    And also? Your son is teh awesomest, as you know. Any time 12 year old boys will willingly dance with a 2 year old in public, gives me hope for the future of our planet 🙂

  4. “trust me that seeing my 12-year-old son dancing with his 2-year-old daughter”…Uh…ummm…I think sister is what you meant…hee!!! that was a good laugh for a Monday morning…thanks Zoot!!!

  5. We’re all nerds:-) I signed on from Google reader, just to tell you about the typo, only to find it already well reported!

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Much better than the highly touted “wild west extravaganza” (no, really) in my town. Not so extravagant, although I did buy a red baseball cap liberally decorated with glitter paint and sequins for only $5. I *may* have worn in all day yesterday.

  6. sounds awesome! i love taylor swift… a seventeen year old girl who can write songs like that?! something is wrong with the universe… or very right:)

    glad you guys had fun:)

  7. I’m glad yall had a great weekend. Sad that I can only picture the kiddos in my mind. Sounds so cute. I’m glad you seem to be feeling well.

  8. You know what? I think the ENTIRE internet was broken this weekend because we didn’t have any service from our router either and we’re like, 8 billion miles away from you (give or take 7.999999 billion). Makes for a very loooooong weekend when you can’t read your blawgs!

  9. Crap. Was NikkiZ wearing sandals by any chance? Because that seems to bring out the super stinky feets in my own children!

  10. Awesome! Glad you had a great weekend. Because I was a little worried that something not awesome happened. Whew.

    I love weekends like that!

  11. Yes, we had a great weekend too. We too two of our four grandkids to the Cider Mill and had cider and donuts, and apples. The kids had fun feeding the goats and sheep and throwing stones in the creek running through the park. We also have just finished remodeling our home, throughout and we are so glad to have the house back in one piece and finished. Stop by and see some of the transformation pics I published.
    Yes, I have a grandson who just turned 13 and I dont think he would have danced with a baby like your son did. l admire and love to read about your family sagas every day. I pray that this pregnancy carries on without any bad news .

  12. That sounds so nice. I wish we had concerts like that here in my area. But sadly we hardly ever do. I have to take the kids to Downtown Chicago to enjoy them. And all too often that’s just too much of a trip to make spontaneously with 4 kids. Bummer!!

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