My Reproductive Nightmare

Here we go again.

I was practicing my affirmation a few weeks ago – writing in the margins of my book. Every time the author instructed me to think positively about something, I wrote it in the margin. One of the things in my life bringing out the negative, is my difficulty having another child. So, instead of thinking like that, I was trying to train myself to use positive affirmations. I’m not saying it worked miracles or anything…but how’s this for timing?

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  1. You know I’m completely utterly ecstatic for you and I’m so honored you spilled the beans on my lil ol’ blog first. πŸ˜‰ I’m keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you and the little one.

    I *desperately* wanted us both to be pregnant at the same time. πŸ™‚

  2. YES!!

    You deserve all good things! This is such great news! I am happy happy happy for you and all the Zs…

  3. Hmm … Just thought I’d add that today I lost my great grandmother. She lived to be 100 years old, and would’ve reached 101 in two weeks. I guess this is the cycle of life: an old soul dies, a new one comes to life …

  4. OMG that made me jump!!! I’m so happy for you!!!! Congratulations! I’ll be thinking healthy, sticky thoughts for you for the next 9 months!

  5. OMGOMGOMG!!!! Earlier today, when I was reading a couple of your recent posts, I was thinking what a great mom you are and how I hope your wonderful family continues to grow, and VOILA! This is an absolute SQUEE moment in blogland! Congrats and God Bless!

  6. Wonderful news! There’s obviously something in the water….I’m even dreaming about babies right now, and that chapter has been over for a long time for me! Maybe I was dreaming it for you….

  7. WOOHOO!! Longtime-ish reader, rare commenter. So happy for you!! You deserve an easy pregnancy, you deserve an easy pregnancy….

  8. Add my WOOHOOs to the outcry! I’m so happy for you and your family-you DO deserve these good things!

  9. And my body?

    Not quite so ready. But I DON’T CARE.

    And isn’t that the worst part? I know my body could take it. But am I really ready to risk it?

    That is fucked up.

    Yes. I am

  10. I feel like an idiot. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I’m so happy for you.

    Best wishes Miss Zoot!

  11. Perhaps, I’m not an idiot since I’m not the only one doing the happy dance for you. πŸ™‚

  12. I FIRMLY believe in the power of positive thinking, zoot. Keep it up! And… Congratulations!

  13. Woooo-hoooooooooooooooo! Congratulations, and many good thoughts for much health and happiness for the next many months and beyond.

  14. Oh well done! No, that doesn’t sound right ……..congratulations! (And it goes without saying, fingers firmly crossed for you)

  15. wow!! I am so excited for you!! I know things will go fantasticly well and you will soon have another little member of your family to love!!!

  16. Being in the same (fertility issues) boat that you are — I’m just going to say that I’ve got everything crossed for you that the numbers keep doubling and things stay NORMAL!

  17. Congratulations Zoot!! I know how badly you and MrZ want this, and wish you all the best in the months to come. Woohoo!!

  18. I suck at postive thoughts for myself but I’m great at sending them to others…..I will certainly be sending many, many postive thoughts your way. Your family is very special and you so, so deserve to add to it πŸ™‚

    Ny the way, what book is it that your reading?

  19. Awesome!!! I love you as a pregnant blogger!!! Although it will not be so hot when you are pregnant this time!!! The ass sweat and boob sweat posts are so funny! Oh well…I am still extremely happy for you and will say a little prayer that things go uneventful this time. Good luck!

  20. De-lurking to wish you all the best! I’m praying, and crossing my fingers, and thinking good thoughts, and beaming you positive energy, and holding my breath for you and your family right now. Well okay maybe not the holding my breath part…but congratulations!!

  21. zoot and mr.z: beautifying america.
    rock on, girl.

    all your talk about the marathons ALMOST got me into running. now, it’s your notes in the margins. not that i’m hoping for babies in the near future, but i could definitely use some positivity.

    *heads off to archives to figure out exactly what that book is*

  22. Congrats, Zoot! Everyone I know (and even those I just feel like I know) is pregnant now, it seems. I am thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

  23. OMG, I disappear for a week and THIS is what I miss?!?!?! Couldn’t have been some posts about boob sweat, could it?

    Hooray! Many, many happy thoughts headed your way.

  24. Okay, still working on catching up and DAMN you just made my day! So many congratulations! I am so, so, so happy for you! I have many happy thoughts headed your direction….

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