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A toxic dose of cuteness to start your day.

If you’ll remember correctly, my Mom gave NikkiZ some Spiderman sippy-cups when we visited her last. NikkiZ had never before heard of Spiderman, but she says it now. It’s something like “Shi-Mun” or something like that. It’s one of those words that sounds nothing like the original.

She often points out Spiderman items at the store. I was actually hoping she’d be spiderman for Halloween, but she doesn’t like him that much. And the costume didn’t look like her cup. It was more realistic and less animated. She likes the cartoon Spiderman much better.

We received a Target mail-out yesterday that talked about party planning and how they have everything you would need for any type of party. One page was all pictures of Spiderman things. Cups, plates, napkins…everything you would need for a Spiderman-themed party. NikkiZ was playing at her recently-passed-down-from-her-aunt kitchen and I called her over to my kitchen to see the ad. I held it down and said, “NikkiZ, Look!”

She covered her mouth and said, “OH MY GOSH!” Then she turned to her brother on the computer and said, “Brudda! Yook! Shi Mun!”

And it is now, officially, the cutest thing she’s ever done.

Update from 2020: She still loves Spiderman.

13 thoughts on “A toxic dose of cuteness to start your day.”

  1. Does this mean a Spidey second birthday party? 🙂

    Does she really say “Oh my gosh”? Because that would have to be the absolute cutest thing I’ve ever heard (uh, heard of) a toddler saying.

  2. NikkiZ and my Kyra could be buddies. Kyra has a speech delay, but she can say Spiderman (if you are interested, there is video of her saying it on my blog). She learned that one from her 5 year old spiderman-obsessed brother LOL. I think I’m going to put him in charge of her therapy since she mimics him so well.

    God I love this age. Everyday there is another heart-breakingly cute thing.

  3. Awwww! KayTar calls him “Spy-MAN!” She loves him, too, although she’s never seen the cartoons or movies. She loves him on principle…BubTar loves him, she loves him.

  4. AAWWW! She is darlin’. Spiderman is okay in my house. The real love is saved for Batman (Aidan), Buzz Lightyear(Quinn- but it’s BUZZ YIGHT! BUZZ YIGHT!), and the Star Wars(BOTH).

    Actually, Quinn said his first full sentence the other day. It was “Rancor eat bone that Uke Skywalk give Rancor.” I cracked up.

    Kids. Who knew?

  5. How adorable, lol. I wanted Drew to be Superman or Spiderman, lol But he has other plans, lol He’s being an Indian this year, heheh

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