This is the quickest I’ve ever thought “This will make a rockin’ blog entry”

So. My boss and his wife are always coming back from Costco with really cool things. This week, they scored an easel exactly like what I’ve been wanting to get NikkiZ for her birthday. So, I figured it was time to explore a Costco membership.

We decided to head over there tonight. When we got there, I told the guy working that I have had a membership in the past, but I hadn’t renewed it for years. He found my old account on the computer and just set it to renew. He told me I could pay with my debit card and he took it to swipe it at the box further down the counter. Since I knew I’d have to enter my pin, I went to take a few steps in that direction. Towards the box.

Well, evidently the box moves so that all of the registers can use it. It’s not your typical plastic swipe box, it’s one of the older metal boxes with the telephone-like pad. He was picking it up to hand it to me as I was stepping toward it and BAM! He smacked me in the head with the box. The corner of the metal box slammed hard into my forehead. It then landed on my hand which was incredibly painful!

It hurt kinda bad and probably brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t tell for sure though because I started laughing SO HARD that I was crying over the laughter. I mean, I was hysterical. It took the guy a few minutes of, “Oh My God. I’m so Sorry,” before he realized that my laughter was a good indication I wasn’t upset and he started laughing too. MrZ and LilZ were looking at me with a mix of embarrassment (Only my wife would get beamed in the head with a card swiper.) and pity (My poor mom has so little grace she can even get hurt renewing a Costco membership). But I just kept laughing.

Anyways, the employee ended up having to take my picture for my new card and even said, “Okay. Now, cover your forehead with your hand to hide the swelling.” Hee. It’s nice to know that my injuries and clumsiness can make even the most professional of workers snarky.

12 thoughts on “This is the quickest I’ve ever thought “This will make a rockin’ blog entry””

  1. and now I’M laughing hysterically so that I can barely see to type over the picture of Fester and his love child! AHAHAHHA!!!

  2. Ya know all the stores have cameras now and I bet that all the employees are gonna laugh at that one during the company meeting.

    Sorry to rub it in.

  3. Ha! And boy, is that photo funny. I once sat there with my camera for ages trying to get photos of me and my cat with identical expressions. But that one is great!

  4. LOLOL Awesome picture!! And how’s your head feeling?? That totally sucks but is probably what would have happened to me, lol

  5. ALL of that is simply awesome!!!

    and you did know i could have gotten you an executive membership for free, right? you just felt like paying? 🙂

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