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Positively Positive

There are several things in this picture that must make you smile. I dare you to resist it. It’s impossible.

  • If you didn’t know MrZ was holding a toothbrush, would you be confused?
  • MrZ’s hair. He’s going for the vagabond look – do you like it?
  • MrZ’s facial expression. This is what happens to your face when you say, “Show me your teeth.”
  • NikkiZ’s scrunched nose. She does that so much it has become one of my most popular tags
  • NikkiZ’s house slippers. She calls them her “Mun Tee Soos.” For “Monkey Shoes.” SO CUTE.

11 thoughts on “Positively Positive”

  1. No. Meh. I am familiar with the look! I LOVE the scrunched nose-my youngest does it all the time! The slippers are darling! Curious George is a personal fave of Aidan and Quinn!

  2. Even without seeing the toothbrush, I knew exactly what was going on. It’s a familiar sight (though with different participants, of course!) in our house, too. Still totally adorable though!

  3. Cute picture, but I was too busy admiring your brushed aluminum hood fan behind them. Whenever somebody posts a picture of people in their kitchen I always look at the room behind them…and I have to say your kitchen is NICE!

  4. I was all “so cute” and THEN I saw the slippers!

    Those are awesome! And I love what she calls them.

    And do they make them in adult sizes?

  5. My little Audrey, also sick, saw the picture and said, “Audreeee” and decided that the man is her uncle. NikkiZ is adorable.

    And I dare anyone that hasn’t brushed another’s teeth in awhile to try to do it without making all the faces… eeeee and now ooooo.

  6. I don’t know what is cuter-his scrunched nose or her slippers. Was the tooth brushing a sucess?

  7. For a split second, I thought he was giving her (shhhh) medicine. But she was going along with it, so I realized he was holding a toothbrush. 🙂 Ex-cell-ent. And the mun tee soos? Good heavens, my uterus just started humming. I still miss the Odie slippers I had in high school. *happy, nostalgic sigh*

  8. I love seeing this. Sooooo cute. Drew does that too when it’s teeth brushing time, hehehe and those slippers are so adorable.

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