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LilZ and I had a date night last night and went to a local theater and saw Talk Radio. We are not very cultured in my house (I know! Shocking!) so this is the first stage production I’ve seen in years. It is a very small theater and the production was great. The 30 minutes before the play was awesome too because LilZ and I just sat and talked and laughed and I’m really glad we got a chance to spend time together like that. The funniest conversations stream (much different from a revenue stream) grew from me asking something about the restaurant Hooters and he said, “Tooters?” Since the idea of a restaurant named “Tooters” is quite hysterical in and of itself, we spent several minutes working on a bit from that mistake.

It was a great night and it was funny seeing people I know in their theater elements. Especially when it required them wearing 80s attire.

Note from 2020: I was watching an old boss of mine who had a small role on stage, a boss who would be arrested almost 10 years after this for embezzlement. Life is weird.

Today, LilZ, NikkiZ and I are going junkin’. We’re going to hit some thrift stores and flea markets and see what treasures we can find. Usually you’re either really lucky or you find nothing. Let’s hope for a lucky hunt. I need some ladles.

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  1. I was just remembering (was it last year?) that LilZ auditioned for some theatre production…Is he still into that?

  2. You’re so awesome! Wanna be my mom (or friend will do!)?

    I hope you’re successful going junkin’. LOL, I like that – junkin’

  3. I wanted to comment on the video above but it goes to a screen with only your background. 🙁 Kinda like I mentioned about your archives.

    Anyway… too cute! You guys are really really funny. And LilZ is such a great sport!

    Did he like the movie?

  4. There’s a restaurant in Murfreesboro, TN called “Toots.” It used to be “Tooters” but I believe that Hooters sued them or something. It’s very Hooters-esque.

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