Adventures, Thing 1

The best part about being a parent.

We took NikkiZ to her first fair the other night. She rode her first ride and cried until they stopped it. Her second ride, however, she rode 25 million trillion times. She wore a $15 armband like the big kids which allowed her to ride the rides as many times as she wanted. So she road the same one — 25 million trillion times. She drank about 50 gallons of diet coke and ate her weight in cheddar cheese covered fries. She tasted her first funnel cake and puked it up all over my wallet. She played several games on the midway and won several prizes that have since deflated, broken, or been lost. She came home exhausted beyond compare and covered in a grime consisting of gravel dust and cotton candy fuzz.

It was awesome.

9 thoughts on “The best part about being a parent.”

  1. I loved taking Aidan to his first fair. It was when I was pregnant with Quinn. Who will now be two on Sunday. Yikes! I need to get these boys to a fair! STAT!

  2. You mean this stuff isn’t published in the manual you get when you give birth?? Boy am I screwed. I am a semi-new stepmother. Actually, I should say my son is scewed. Or his therapist. LOL – Boy have I already been there. Did you know that jalepeno cheetos look EXACTLY the same on the way out as on the way in??? TMI

  3. Fairs scare me. Lots of collapsible rides that just don’t seem sound. I love the apples and cotton candy though. When I was young my fam took me into one of the scary walk thru ones and the guy in the scare you suit grabbed my aunt. It’s embedded in my memory .

  4. My neice loves going on rides at fairs and theme parks. One time we were having dinner at a place with a carosel and we told her she could go on it after we were finished. She told us after literally every bite that she wanted to go on and asked if we were done.

  5. Great picture! And I couldn’t help but laugh at Nikki puking all over your wallet. Of all things too, it’s not like they’re easy to wash like a shirt. Gah!

    Sounds awesome and I bet she slept GREAT too!

  6. love, love, love this picture. for some reason, i have convinced myself that if only i had a pretty camera like yours, i would be able to take fantastic pictures, too.

    somehow i think i am mistaken about that.

  7. I took Drew to his first last month. It was so much fun. He loved it and rode all the ride possible. I can’t wait till next year so we can go again.

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