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Learning to Love Pink

It is well documented how scared I was to have a daughter. I’ve just always felt inept at all things girly. I don’t know how to apply makeup, wear high heels, or shape my eyebrows. I like to blame this on being raised by my Dad who cared nothing about the tweeze v/s wax debate. But in reality? It’s just not my thing. And I was afraid to raise a daughter who might want that to be her thing and who would be desperate for guidance from someone and I’d only be able to say, “I think I read somewhere once that blue eye shadow is in.”

Update from 2020: I have much more diverse ideas around gender now. That last paragraph would make Nyoka SO ANGRY nowadays. She’s a very staunch advocate for things like this not being gendered. EEK.

But then – I had a daughter – and I discovered the joys of little girls clothing. OH MY GOD. There are so many adorable things to buy it’s unbelievable. Way more fun to shop for her than LilZ, that’s for damn sure. And you have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to buy us matching clothing. Of course, we don’t really have the money to go crazy, but I am becoming quite good at heading for the clearance racks at all stores. I don’t even look at the regular priced items anymore. If there’s nothing for us on clearance, I shield my eyes and walk away. Check out what I found on clearance at Old Navy this weekend — the most awesome thing a child of the 80s could ever dream of buying her daughter:

Jellies. Jellies!. For $3.49. How awesome is that? Now, if only I could find some leg-warmers and black lace gloves in her size. Her wardrobe could then be complete.

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  1. My older daughter is a shoe freak. It’s kind of scary. But, thankfully, my MIL is the shoe freak v. 1.0.
    Love NikkiZ’s little tooties in those jellies.

  2. I have always been a shoe fanatic, and the jellies were my first obsession. I had to have pairs in every color available. There is nothing more girly than a pair of jellies;>

  3. OMG I totally forgot about those!! I had several pairs lol! What a great blast from the past 🙂

  4. That NikkiZ is one lucky girl! My mom wouldn’t let me have jellies. She said my feet would rot in them because they were plastic.

  5. onsecondthought – I’m Angela. I’m coasting through my twenties, living a happy little life in Kansas City with my new(ish) wonderful husband, Nick. We are fresh suburban homeowners and recent initiates into working life. I have a few years of a graphic design career under my belt and am pretty enthusiastic about creativity and design. Nick endures the daily grind of a technology company cube farm and actually enjoys it. Weird. In our free time, besides being lazy around the house and acting like goofy dorks with each other, we love to hang out with our fabulous friends and family, check out art shows and go hiking, and one of us likes to devour anything and everything sports-related. (hint: not me)
    angela says:

    I still remember how much I loved my jellies. They even had glitter in them. What great inventions of fine shoewear.

  6. OY! I can feel the sweat from here. This one time? My jellies melted on the streets in Austin during a 100 degree day. I grew to hate them after that fateful afternoon….

  7. Frighteningly enough, leg warmers are back, a little, in those very trendy circles that do NOT include anyone who actually lived through the 80s…
    anyway, you could probably find them for her! And then, put her hair in a side pony tail! And then run screaming because! WE USED TO LOOK LIKE THAT.

  8. Lovin’ the shoes! I am dying for a girl. I work in children’s retail and the bows alone are killing me!

  9. Jellies were my fav – minus the HORRENDOUS blisters!

    Too cool! That’s one reason I want a girl so bad, boys clothes are so boring and meh. Dude, boys don’t have jellies!!

    I am a huge pink lover now. More then I ever was before. It’s grown on me. Like Moss. I can’t get rid of it, anything I want, that has a pink version, I end up with that one.

  10. LOL! I always loved Jellies…sadly my feet didn’t. They gave me blisters in less then 5 minutes if I even thought about wearing them. So sadly… I went through the 80’s without any… ::: heavy sigh :::

  11. It’s sp funny how random jellies are – they were in when I was like 5, then briefly while I was in highschool, now you can buy them again …… weird. Sadly, I loved my legwarmers.

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