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I love middle school

LilZ is taking a class this semester that is some variation of “Home Economics” – but they teach about all sorts of things. This week they learned how to clean toilets. They even had a video that LilZ warned the viewer to clean the seat and the area around the seat because “Some men don’t have proper aim.” HA! So many muttering comments, so little time.

Their homework for the weekend was to clean a toilet in their home and then have their parent grade it. LilZ cleaned his own toilet and I thought it was going to kill him. And my toilets are clean! I clean them once a week – so he had it easy. They should have made the kids clean the toilets of a random all-boy dorm room at the college here. That would teach them.

So, he cleaned my toilet and I graded him tough. Seriously. I am so mean! Can you believe I gave him a 23 out of 35? He can not. And he will probably complain on that to all of his friends at school today. That and the fact that I did a High School Musical dance outside my car in the Target parking lot. I though he and the other kids in the car were going to spontaneously combust from embarrassment.

If there were an award for the most evil mother a middle-schooler could have – I would win it with no competition.

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  1. That’s awesome! I love useful life skills. But, on the other hand, how sad is it that they feel kids need a class now to learn them?? Sheesh.

  2. I love it. I make my boys clean the toilets all the time. I’m guessing they’d rank around a 23 also but I figure it’s better than nothing. 4 boys + 1 husband = 2 very icky toilets in just minutes.

    As for embarrassment… my 12 year old was horrified the other day as I sang along to They Might Be Giants in the car and even did a little dance while stopped at a light. (The dance was purely to heighten the embarrassment factor.) You would have thought I ran through his jr. high naked the way he acted. HA! I love it.

  3. Zoot, it took me forever, but I finally got on and donated towards your lock up. Good luck and thanks again for doing this for such a great organization! We really appreciate it.

  4. Oh my gosh that is a wonderful thing to teach! Your son’s school really is smart to put something like that on the curriculum. Now you can add that to his weekly chore list. 🙂

    And I also want to say that you turned me into a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I never thought of reading Harry Potter before I started reading your blog. I just finished reading all 7 book in 5 weeks! Thanks for the new addicition Zoot!

  5. I hope they continue with this sort of edcuation when River starts school! I hate cleaning the toilet.

  6. OMG!!! They MUST make this a required class across the nation!

    It should also include:

    –Picking up your room
    –Vacuuming (my husband had never run one before we lived together
    –Dishwashing w/emphasis on loading and unloading the dishwasher
    –making diner w/out the microwave

    I’m sure I can think of a few more.


  7. Geez, all my son learned in “Family and Consumer Sciences” (snort) was how to make a pillow. It wasn’t even a good pillow. And I had to finish it.

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