Here’s a story…of a krazee lady…who was stealing two very lovely girls…

For the first time since the Fall of 2001, my house has an greater number of humans than animals living in it. The closest we had ever come was in the summer of 2002 when my mom, brother, and mom’s dog were living with us. And then the number was simply equal. But now? We are the majority. The animals can no longer over-power the bi-peds in my home because for this week – we have six humans living under my roof.

My friends Stace is traveling on business for the week so her girls are staying with me. I am already having way too much fun with this as I spent the morning braiding not one, but two heads of hair. It was so cool! I finished one and said, “Next!” and the next one sat down. And we talked about lip gloss! And cute boys! LilZ never tolerates me talking about cute boys. And lip gloss? Bah. He just rolls his eyes and ignores me.

And NikkiZ has died and gone to heaven. She loves those two girls each more than MrZ and I combined. We have not seen the girl for almost 24 hours now. It’s bad enough with just her brother around, who she prefers over anyone else. But now, two girls who she adores as well? Yeah. MrZ and I are like stale dog crap on the bottom of her shoe. She just scrunches her nose at us like, “Ug. Gross. You again.”

I’m really excited about this week and kinda hope that Stace runs into problems on her trip that requires an extended stay. But don’t tell her I said that. Also, don’t tell her I used the grocery money she gave me on new lip gloss and beer. It’s not that big of a deal, the kids think eating raman noodles for dinner is fun! They think I’m the best Mom ever!

4 thoughts on “Here’s a story…of a krazee lady…who was stealing two very lovely girls…”

  1. Too cute! I don’t think my mom had that much fun with her two daughters, but maybe it’s different if you’ve borrowed the kids from someone else.

  2. Taking care of others kids can be a Godsend can’t it?! My friends and I regularly exchange kids so we can get something done around the house!

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