Greening The Zoots

At least we’re not storing our weed in the diaper bag.

I was uploading a picture to show off the old fridge in the garage which = BEER. But then I realized that the diaper boxes full of empty bottles might need a little explanation.

Believe it or not – this is not a sign of the decline in my morals. It’s a sign that we’re going green! In a very classy way. See – the diaper boxes seem so high quality that we didn’t want to waste them when everyone is in need for storage. Change #1: Trying to Re-use when we can. And – we just recently started collecting our glass to take to the recycle center.  It’s something we always avoided because it’s not convenient but it seems like a good time to just GET OVER IT ALREADY. Change #2: Recycling even if it’s not convenient. So – the two seemed like a good pair. Diaper boxes and beer bottles! Like peanut butter and jelly!

11 thoughts on “At least we’re not storing our weed in the diaper bag.”

  1. Diaper boxes make the most awesome storage boxes for anything. I believe I have a few beer bottle filled ones in my garage right now.

  2. *I* am proud of you. I take my recycling (all of it) to a center too, since they don’t do curbside recycling for apartment complexes.

  3. We recycle in that we also provide a steady income for our local teeny tiny Chinese ladies that come around on recycling day. We even give them extra bags for all our empties.
    So saving the planet and helping folks make some money, five cents at a time. That’s how we explain it to ourselves. And neighbors. We’re just doing our part. WOOT!

  4. Good for you, Zoot! I am also trying to get on the green train by recycling. Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio are starting to get to me. It’s not always convenient though. I was trying to find a place to take some fluorescent light bulbs for recycling. (You know the long tubes) I was trying not to throw them out with the regular garbage because they contain dangerous material and it’s bad if they break. I called no less than 12 places including the nearest branch of the EPA (who told me to put them in a garbage bag and throw them out with the trash because they just didn’t know what to tell me. Nice!) I guess I was the first person in the area who ever tried to do this. If I could have called Al Gore right that minute I would have! What am I supposed to do here, Al?
    Anyway, at least we’re trying!! And just think how excited NikkiZ gets! Sike, Sike!!

  5. Yay for recycling! We recycle everything up here…glass, cans, plastic, paper cardboard! I was shocked when we vacationed down south to find out that many communities don’t recycle! Its so easy and its good for the environment!

  6. We are going green too! So you have to tell me……. are Target diapers good? I am still scared to pass up my pampers for the Target brand – but it would be nice id they were any good.

  7. I completely agree 100% that those boxes are great! My son wears Target diapers and I keep each of those boxes for storage and our recycling. They are great! Good thinking!

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