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Junior High SUCKS.

I just went to my son’s open house PTSA meeting. I was to attend each of his classes for about 15 minutes each. Long enough to get a syllabus, hear the lesson plan, and throw spitballs at the back of the teacher when his/her back was turned.

His teachers were nice and the school is fantastic and the kids are all fun to be around. BUT – it’s still Junior High and I was feeling an incredible desire to sneak behind the building and smoke cigarettes between classes. Or maybe kiss boys on the playground. Either one would have humiliated my son enough to possibly warrant the silent treatment for the next 47 years.

LilZ totally wanted me to go tonight, which I found to be truly fascinating. He actually wanted his extremely odd mother to meet his teachers and didn’t seem to be too worried I’d humiliate him. I don’t know if I’m proud or if I feel like a failure for not being embarrassing enough. Of course, I taught him a lesson by opening up my copy of the Kama Sutra during his Home Ec class and reading it while the teacher lectured about proper kitchen etiquette.

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  1. LMAO
    That’d be hilarious if you actually did that. I hope, one day, I can be as cool of a mom as you are!

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