I expect my life will return to “normal” sometime on Sunday

Well – time to go to work! My life isn’t quite back to “normal” because my friend from Seattle went home and left her daughter for Stace and I to share this week. I got Sunday and Monday night so she was here all day yesterday. I had the day off and since I finished the book before she and LilZ even woke up, I got to visit with her some, which was great. And LilZ spent the time he had with her getting her addicted to Veronica Mars – which is equally great. Her Mom will love me for that, I’m sure.

I would love to have taken today off too – since I only have limited time with her – but since I’m GOING TO BLOGHER ON THURSDAY (Damn, that crept up on me) I might need to try to get work done and get prepared sometime before the plane takes off. So – she and LilZ will spend the day together today. Which is actually what she wants, I think the time I force her to hang out with me may be kind of boring. I should start talking about my love of maps, that ought to spark things up a bit.

I’m suffering from a Harry Potter hangover today. I read the last 80 pages or so again last night, just to go over some of the parts I may have skimmed because they were so action-packed and I wanted to see what happened. Periodically I catch myself thinking things like, “Next release I’ll do this to my costume…” and then it hits me. This is the end. The story is over. It’s very surreal to put 8 years of your life into the anticipation of something and then it ends with one turn of one page at the end of one book.

I’m going to leave my Harry Potter decorations up for awhile. I figure at least until LilZ finishes the book (I think he’s halfway through now) and then he and I do a podcast together about it. But – I must warn you – I’m going to publish all of the spoiler comments from the podcasts. I’ll still be moderating to keep the spoilers out of the other entries – but there are some GREAT comments on those podcasts and I want everyone to see them. So – I wouldn’t read the comments on the podcasts until you’ve finished the book because some people bring up stuff from later in the book past the point of the podcast.

I’ve got several non-Harry Potter entries set to publish sometime today – to the thrill of those of you who have totally been bored to death over here the last few days. Of course – those entries aren’t that exciting. Except for, of course, the Thanksgiving Dinner I attended at 3:30am Sunday morning. That’s kinda exciting. Unless, of course, you attended one too.

5 thoughts on “I expect my life will return to “normal” sometime on Sunday”

  1. I dont normally comment, I really just lurk. But I am a Harry Potter fanatic too. I loved your podcast! I was listening to them and when you were predicting what was going to happen I was yelling “Its going to happen that way! You’re right!” I love the book, I cried, and I laughed I never wanted it to end!! I’m sad that there are no more books, BUT we still have 2 movies to look forward to!

  2. Thanks for the podcasts – it is nice to know that there are “others” that share our obsession with Harry and his world. I have a link on my blog to an article written by Stephen King that talks about the sadness at the end of a book or series. It made me a little happy to see that my emotional weekend was normal. Well, at least as normal as Stephen King is! 🙂

  3. I know. My SIL and I are both so sad it is over. It was perfect, but still, it was the end.

    I can’t wait to talk about it with you at BlogHer! 🙂

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