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Can I say “freakin'” on the radio?


Okay. I just dropped NikkiZ off at daycare and on the way home the radio station was doing this “bit” talking about Harry Potter and it was irritating the hell out of me. They were all “Harry Potter goes on sale FRIDAY…” Which is wrong. It goes on sale Saturday but you can get it Friday at midnight. BIG DIFFERENCE. They they kept saying it would be sold out everywhere. Which is almost guaranteed to be wrong. I don’t know for sure, but none of the other books sell out because bookstores are prepared for the onslaught. And even if B&N sells out, the mom-and-pop store down the road won’t. Anyway – I was getting irritated and just bitching to them from my car.

So – they say they’re having a contest where you can “Win it before you can buy it” which also irritated me because I knew for a FACT you couldn’t do that. But – they said to call and caller number 7 would win so I called because I couldn’t help myself and I WON.

DJ: WZYP, who is this?
Me: Uh. This is Kim.
DJ: Your caller number 7!
DJ: You’ve just won the ….
DJ: Thinking: Don’t interrupt me, woman You just won a copy of the next Harry Potter book. Who’s your favorite radio station
Me: Random statement they make you say when you win something.

HOLY SHIT! Can you believe it?

Anyway – I was right. I don’t get an “advance” copy. BUT – we go get my voucher today and Friday the radio station is going to be at the Barnes and Noble we are going to be at. And if I’m there at midnight (which, Duh, of course I’m going to be there at midnight…) I get to be in the FRONT OF THE DAMN LINE to get my book. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

I’m so excited I have cried a little.

Of course, when I was talking to the business chic I was all, “Um. I know this is going to make me sound like a bad mother because I should let my son use the voucher, but I won’t because I’m a waayyy bigger fan. But – he and I ordered copies together, will he be able to stay with me or will he have to wait in the back of the line?” She didn’t know – but laughed at my selfishness anyway. Ain’t no way I’m giving that voucher to him. He hasn’t even read them all! Screw “Generous Mother” – I’m getting that book first and if I have to leave him in line with my friends (Screw them too! HA!) then I will.

Man – I’m a sweet gal, aren’t I?


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  1. FRONT OF THE LINE?!!! Never in a million years would I give that voucher to anyone. Not even for them to look at. Ha! FRONT OF THE LINE! Wheeeee!


    I am so jealous right now I could die!

    I have been gone for about two months-ish and I thought I was being punished! I have been leaving comments for the last four days and I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t showing up!

    I am happy to be back in the land of Zoot. All is right again with my world…

  3. oh you suck!! in a good way!! that is AWESOME. I already did the amazon advance copy order, but then I realized recently my mail doesn’t come till like 4 or 5 and last time they didn’t leave the book (or knock on the door even though I was at home waiting) and I didn’t get it till like Tuesday. I may have to go to the mom and pop bookstore in the quarter at midnight to pick up a copy….

  4. AWESOME! That’s one of the benefits of living in a small town – we have one little tiny bookstore that’ll be open at midnight (12:01, excuse me) and there is less than 20 people who will be there…heh heh

    Congrats, though, I never win anything!


    I, am a loser and waiting for amazon to deliver it to me, Saturday morning.

    I’ve done Midnight releases, and waited 45 minutes in line, half way around the mall, to get a video game for my boyfriend and me. And… never again, haha.

    But, yay!!!

  6. I am SO jealous. That is so awesome. I was at a ball game last night and over and over they kept talking about how the 4th Harry Potter movie had just been released. It was very aggravating. Congratulations.

  7. Su-weet girl that rocks, the hubbs and I went to see the movie on Friday. It was sold out of course. I always hate to see the movies after I read the book (which is of course the normal operating proceedure I know) cause the movie is never as good, uh. What are ya donna do?

  8. You know your friends won’t mind one bit, but you better watch that “screw them” attitude!!! Or they might steal your copy! πŸ˜‰

  9. WOO! Congrats! That’s an awesome prize for such a big fan. Yeah, I never win ANYTHING like EVER so I’m completely jealous here. πŸ˜‰

  10. Congratulations!! I am with you on the “screw generous mother” thing. My 15yo told me yesterday that she should be the first one to read the last book (I only ordered one copy) since I read #6 first. I told her no way. I’ll have it done that day anyhow. Heck, if it will come in the morning, I can get it read before she even drags her lazy butt out of bed!

  11. OMG…Zoot…that’s awesome!!!

    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday. I was doing stuff all weekend and wasn’t near a computer. I hope you had a great birthday!

  12. Congratulations! And I”m so glad you had a good moment after being thrown up on before that….

    have a blessed day!

  13. Congratulations! I’m actually happier with your news than if I had won it myself, because there’s no way I’m going to stand in line at midnight for anything:-)

    Last time I strolled into Sam’s Club on Sunday morning and picked up my copy from the *enormous* pallet they had near the front door. We’ve moved since then. This time I’m either going to (a) WalMart, where I expect they will have plenty, or (b) driving one hour to Vegas to the closest Sam’s – not because it’s cheaper at Sam’s, but because any excuse to go into Vegas, yah know?

  14. Linda – Not to out you, but you don’t live in Pahrump, do you? (Former Vegas Native, here…)

    Just trying to think of other cities that are roughly an hour from Vegas without a Sam’s club. πŸ˜‰

  15. That’s so awesome! What I wouldn’t give to be Zoot on Friday night….

    I of course, never win anything. Not even Blingo.

  16. Congratulations on your win. Too bad you were too stunned to be pissy and point out all the crap they were talking about! πŸ™‚

    I generally don’t win anything. Oh well!

  17. Congratulations! I saw movie Order of the Phoenix on Saturday, and now I’m really anxious for book 7. 4 days, 9 hours, 26 minutes, and counting!

  18. you are totally my hero………b/c i so wouldn’t be giving it to you either!

  19. It’s good that Junkie won’t hold it against you πŸ˜‰ Congrats – nobody deserves this more than you!!

  20. Not to be hogging the comments, but… I know where Pahrump is!! We recently went through there on our way to Lancaster, California. I also stopped at Zzxy(sp?) to take a picture with my dad because we are HUGE Michael Connelly fans(and that lame).


    That is all.

  21. Congratulations! I wouldn’t give up my place at the front of the line to my mother much less my kids! If they want to be there they would have to win their own contest! LOL

    I put myself on the wait list at my library……I am 21st out of 500 holds and the system gets 70 books. I think I will be getting it the next day.

  22. I kind of feel like crying for you. I hope you have a blast.

    I hope you won’t ban me for this, but I haven’t read any of the Potter books. πŸ™‚

  23. Congrats! Reminds of the time I won a Melissa Etheridge CD and lost my mind when the DJ confirmed I was the correct caller. Screaming, laughing, cheering … and then I forgot to go to the station and get the CD. Good times!

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