The floor. It is tiled.

MrZ put down the last piece of tile for our floor last night. I wish I could have photographed every weird shaped tile he had to cut because there were a LOT. I’m so glad it’s done though! Considering this is the first time using one of those water-tile-saw thingies (yes, that’s how it’s listed at Home Depot) I’m floored by how good of a job he did with all of the cuts. He still has to seal, mortar, seal again – before we can be put appliances back – but the hard parts are done. (I think? Like I know what I’m talking about.)

It has always amazed me about how MrZ pretty much assumes he can do just about any home improvement project himself. Now, he has a lot of books and does a lot of internet studying, but has no training or experience.  I do not EVEN want to think about how the floor would look if I had done it. Not only am I not precise, I’m also impatient. I would have rather taken out cabinets and counter tops and just reshaped then kitchen, then saw all of the little pieces MrZ did. Of course, after years of smoking and caffeine, I’m also not very steady. So, even if I had a momentary passing of patience, the lines would all still be crooked.

I guess that’s why we’re a good team. Because – after all of these years he has still never learned how to clean up the sink after he shaves. I’m fairly certain there are instructions somewhere on the internet he could look up, but since he can tile floors, I won’t complain.

10 thoughts on “The floor. It is tiled.”

  1. I am the bearer of bad news today. The grouting, and cleaning up of the grout is the worst part. And since it involves “cleaning” and not actual manly tools, it usually gets left to me around our house. It will be so worth it though!

  2. What is it about men and cleaning?! Although you’ve gotta love the home improvement gene many of them seem to have:-)

  3. “I’m floored by how good of a job he did….”
    What an impressive hubby you have. And you are quite the subtle punster.

  4. The Husband and I have tiled two kitchens together (we have the unfortunate habit of moving out when eveything’s done). The sawing of tiny pieces? His job. The mixing of the sticky goo? So my job, because it’s fun.
    Happy kitchen-almost-done day!

  5. My husband is exactly the same. (Well, not exactly. He is a completely different person, after all.) He is awesome at home improvement despite having zero training. He tiled our kitchen floor and knocked out a wall between our kitchen and dining room. I have so much love for that man and his skills.

    He definitely doesn’t understand how to not leave beard hairs all over the sink, either. But it’s forgivable, like you said.

  6. You’re “floored” by his tiling work? huh, huh, I get it…

    I love tiling, that and carpentry. I hope you post photos.

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