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Moving on…

Since I have a full life of happy home and family, there are other things to share besides my grief. It’s there – but it quiets with every passing moment and every friendly hug (virtual and otherwise). So, I’m going to take this moment to discuss with you the other parts of my life you’ve been missing out on through this sadness. And let me tell you – it’s some exciting stuff. You’ll be sad you almost missed it.

We’ve decided to try a new layout in my home that places my stove and refrigerator in my dining room.

Yes. My dining room.

We visited my parents this weekend so that MrZ could have the house to himself while he tiled our kitchen floors. This, of course, required moving all of the appliances out of the kitchen and into the dining room. The fridge is plugged in and keeping our food cold, but the stove, obviously, is not and simply acts as a shelf to hold various items from the kitchen. Like oatmeal and dog treats. Isn’t that where you keep that stuff? On your stove?

This has created quite excitement in our lives. Like: Where do I put my coffee spoon?

See – for various reasons – we also have no water in the kitchen. So – we are using all plastic and paper plates/cups/utensils. (Yes. I know. Not very green. But I’m not up for washing dishes in the bathroom, so that’s that.) I would normally keep my spoon by the coffee maker because the creamer is just a turn away in the fridge. But now – the coffee maker is in the kitchen and the fridge is in the dining room. Since I need the spoon near the creamer, I need it near the fridge, but the fridge is not really near any usable counters. So – the spoon is on the stove which is next to the fridge in the dining room.

The excitement! It’s so intense we can’t function normally!

There is still quite a bit to do before our kitchen gets back to normal, but until then we’ll be cooking all meals in the microwave and eating all food off paper plates. But let me tell you: It is GORGEOUS. He picked out the most amazingly fancy tile and even bartered it down to a cheaper price. Our floor is officially classier than we are. And WAAAY classier than our broken dishwasher and 20-year old fridge. And you know what else? It will not show dirt hardly at all due to the natural color of the stone. I could probably go a whole month without cleaning it an NO ONE WOULD NOTICE. Which in my world? Is like a gift from heaven.

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  1. I just live for these morning posts. It feels like I am the only one in the world up so early until I come here and find your morning post.

    Tile is wonderful. Do we get pictures of progress?

    Sending more virtual hugs.

  2. zoot – this is my first comment – thinking of you! you’re an amazing person and you have so much support. sending good thoughts your way.

  3. Hey, don’t underestimate the importance of the Placement of the Coffee Spoon. I would be in the same quandary!

    P.S. I am very jealous of your new floor. Mine shows everything.

  4. Okay, Zoot, I have a secret… we have ceramic tile in our entry and the kitchen. The tile in the entry is very dark. We have been renovating this house since last August and the tile was put in around Sept-Oct.

    I have NEVER mopped it. Vacuumed, yes. But it still feels like a construction zone around that area, and you can’t see the dirt, so….

  5. I love new tile so much. We have tiled all 3 bathrooms in our house and are doing the entry way next. Anne is right – it really does hide dirt well!

  6. A whole month with no cleaning and no one being able to tell? Yeah, that’s some good stuff right there.
    I have stained concrete and in in every room downstairs except the bedrooms and it is so fabulous. It’s splotchy so it almost looks dirty to begin with. We’ve been in the house for a year and a half and I’ve mopped it maybe four times. (And I really hope some of my friends who read you don’t see this.)

  7. So, can you move the coffee pot into the dining room to be by the spoon? hehe. The floor sounds perfect!

  8. My husband and your husband should totally get together. They’d have so much to talk about with tiling floors and whatnot. And at least your kitchen floor will be done soon. My kitchen cabinets have not been finished yet. It’s been two years.


  9. That’s so exciting! We did that to our kitchen a couple of years ago, and let me tell you … when you finally get the stove back in the kitchen (our remodel took about a month — a very loooong month), that first non-microwaved meal will be the best food you’ve ever tasted.

  10. Been there with the non-usable kitchen. But, it’ll be sooo worth it with the new floor. Hey, in my kitchen, we were putting in tile after living with a carpeted kitchen for four years, yes, CARPET! Don’t know who ever thought that was a good idea.

  11. tiling. It’s super fun. Fast and gratifying (comparatively speaking of course) When you come for the turtledash we’ll wow you with our bedroom tile and yes, our tiled turtled in the bathroom.

  12. sending out some more hugs to you. I hope the spoon dilemma is soon worked out!! I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  13. You should know better than to issue a challenge…

    It will not show dirt hardly at all due to the natural color of the stone.

    Between my kids and my dogs? I give it five minutes before you’d be reaching for the swiffer. And then playing tug-of-war with my daughter, who is convinced she can do it better than you can.

    I think you’ve earned an EXTRA coffee spoon, put it in a little window box with ‘in case of emergency, break glass’ on it.

  14. When we re-carpeted our kitchen floor (don’t ask!!), our fridge was also moved around the corner into the living room. It was hard to convince my husband to move it back into the kitchen–I think it’s every man’s dream to have the TV and the refrigerator in the same room.


  15. We did something similar with our kitchen two years ago and once the new tile was in, we had to get new cabinets and a new stove that was worthy of the tile. Beware! Also, if you get the new stone-ish tiles wet? Very slick (if they are like ours) which turns the kids into a Three Stooges show slipping and bouncing off each other. Glad you are feeling better- here is another virtual hug for you.

  16. um, yeah. i’m sure that was a nice story, but who can read when there are adorable nudey photos of nikkiz in the sidebar? damn, she is adorable.

  17. Sounds fun! Way to go Mr. Z for knowing how to do everything. Although this won’t make you fill better, the child that is blessed enough to join your family will be the blessing that makes your lose bearable. I miscarried my first preg. and I am so happy to have my first born who would not be here if I had not. There really is a reason for everything.

  18. I call my bathtub “The Big Sink” whenever I have a lot of dishes to do. Please show pics of the remodel. Oh and you can show me pics of something that does not show dirt. How do you do it with kids & pets & a husband?

    I have a resident brother & 2 dogs … and have changed flooring house to suit them. My dogs actually think it’s a game every day when I sweep or vacuum. Either one is playing “chase the broom” or the other is playing “let’s ride on the vacuum”.

  19. Zoot, I”m so sorry about the miscarriage – sorry I”m days behind.. I knwo that even though you know how lucky you are with Lil Z and NikkiZ, you are still very very sad…
    Here’s a hug for you!!
    Hang in there!!

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