My Reproductive Nightmare

My chart needs to say “Prone To Panic” and also “Quick to Attack”

I went and had an emergency ultrasound this morning due to the last 24 hours of severe bleeding/cramping. EVERYTHING IS FINE, first and foremost. But I was standing in the hall at the office explaining the bleeding, “Several clots – not steady like a period – but waaaay more than spotting…” and I glanced to my right and saw a very young man sitting there with an ashen look on his face like, “Dear God – I don’t want to hear this conversation anymore. Amen.” They checked me out and all of the blood they saw on Tuesday is gone, leaving behind a clean and smooth uterus and a 7w6d size baby complete with beating heart. The nurses reassured me I did the right thing, especially with my history of subchorionic hematomas.

The doctor, on the other hand, was a total jackass. I’ve never seen him before (and I’ve seen ALL the doctors in the practice and love them all) (although my Dr. SoNice is the best) but he was the one on duty at the closest office so I had to deal with him. He did everything from patronize me, “Every woman who bleeds comes in thinking it’s a miscarriage when in reality, most of them are fine.” He said it with that tone that implied, “Silly women.” He went on to tell me that after you see the heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage drops to 3%. Again, with the tone that said, “Silly, silly, silly girl.”

I had to tell him that I was on Prometrium, therefore pretty certain I was NOT miscarrying (it prevents that in most cases, doesn’t prevent the fetus from dying if that’s in the cards, but does prevent spontaneous miscarriages) but I was worried about having another clot like with NikkiZ. I also pointed out that I must be one lucky girl, “Since I’m one of the 3% that has had a miscarriage after seeing the heartbeat!” He seemed a little taken aback by that and looked at my chart and said, “Oh. Yes. You’re a Spontaneous Aborter. Your case is unique.”

You think? Jackass. Thanks for looking at the chart before you came in.

Man, I love my doctor. I just wish there were more of him. There needs to be one of him on call at every office every day. And possibly one to come live with me while I’m pregnant. Who do I see about setting that up?

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  1. OMG, so glad everything is okay. Yeah, that guy is a self-important jackass. I hate it when doctors think they’re such hot stuff they don’t need to, you know, pay attention to the patients anymore. Bah. Idjit.

  2. I’m so glad you and teh baby – squeee! – are okay. Doctors who don’t read the chart go in the same category as interviewers who don’t look at your resume until you’re sitting in front of them. Stupid.

  3. What a jerk! I’m glad you did say that back to him… maybe he’s learned from this to actually read the chart before running his insensitive stupid-ass mouth at his patients.

    Glad to hear everything is okay though!

  4. I have to de-lurk to say that I’m SO glad you are fine. (I even signed up for Twitter the other day to make sure that a complete stranger that I know from teh interweb was OK and baby is OK.)

    And you should have clocked that doctor and been all “whoops, hormones.”

  5. Yet another example of a Dr. that needs a crash course in bedside manner. You pegged the Jackass perfectly.

    You’ll love the post-it note that was taped into my chart so it didn’t get lost….”blood makes her faint”
    They LOVED giving me the finger pricks & drawing blood – I always got the good one and a special chair though 🙂

  6. I would drive all night to get to join the ass kicking party. What a pole licker. I hate him and he can go f*ck himself with his 3%. There is no doubt that you, me, and all the other women in the 3% who read your blog could put some serious hurt on him.

    I insisted on seeing my regular doctor today because I didn’t want some asshat who hadn’t looked at my history wondering why I was a nervous wreck and would want another u/s when I just got one 10 days ago. She didn’t let me down – I didn’t even have to ask for the extra u/s – it was already in the room. *sigh of relief*

    So glad to hear you are fine – sorry I just unleashed my inner bitch in your comments. Hormones, surely.

  7. Hating him for you here. Guess we’ve all dealt with the docs who think we’re panicking when in fact we’re intuitive, but WTF.

    Glad all is well!

  8. Ok, that doctor is a bunghole! And even though he’s a doctor he has NO idea what he’d do if he had another human being living inside him. He needs some BedSide Manner 101.

  9. I miscarried THREE after seeing heartbeats. Jackass. Seeing a heartbeat on an ultrasound to me means healthy baby just about as much as a positive pee stick. Not so much. Fourth pregnancy–this one is the heartbeat that could. She’s a mere month from her due date (well, month and a half) and she’s still trying to convince me that fetal movement and good ultrasounds and non-complications and 34 weeks gestation really DOES equal healthy baby sometimes.

    Anyway, congratulations on the blood being GONE and your perfect little bean with his/her beating heart holding strong. You’ll both continue to be in my prayers.

  10. I’m so glad to hear that everything is okay. The doc is a jerk– sorry you had to deal with that. Aargh!

  11. What a prick. I’m so so glad that you and baby are ok, though! Here’s wishing you happy healthy pregnancy thoughts, and Dr. SoNice’s availability next time you go in!!

  12. Let me guess, [name removed to protect my own privacy ;)] was the jerk and [name removed to protect my own privacy ;)] is the super wonderful one.

  13. I am very glad to hear that everything is okay.

    What a dickhead doctor. Makes ya wanna just stomp on his toes, huh.

  14. Did he seriously use the words “You’re a Spontaneous Aborter.” That would have made me go ballistic. Glad all is well.

  15. What an ASSHOLE. I am so sorry you had to deal with that on top of what was obviously an already horribly stressful situation. I am glad everything looks good, though! At least the news was good, even though the messenger wasn’t!

  16. I’m angry just reading about how this idiot treated you. Yes, I will be in line for the ass-kicking party! I know you handled it better than I did. I probably would have made the local news. “Nurses hold back pregnant woman from attacking doctor – film at 11p”

    When he grows and gives birth to another human being, he might dare to condescend to you. Until then, watch your mouth, statistic boy!!!

  17. Sorry, above should read – I know you handled it better than I would have. I must have been still in the fantasy moment of beating him with his own stethoscope!!

  18. Doctors can be douche bags! Oh yes they can. Glad to hear that everything is all systems go!! GO BABY ZOOT #3.

  19. See, now I’m nosey and want to know what doctor[s] you see.
    When I was pregnant with Tyler, I was on bedrest with pre-eclampsia. After a weekend trip to the hospital with blood pressure of 176/115 I saw the Dr.Asshole at my practice, and was told “eh, every pregnant woman gets high blood pressure, just go back tow ork, you’ll be fine”. Well, thanks for the concern, dipshit.
    The good thing about that appointment? My doctor, Dr.Wonderful, HATED the way I was treated, and my chart was properly marked that I only see him or Dr.SuperNice until the baby was here.
    Glad all is great! February is a WONDERFUL month to have a son [so ya know]

  20. Oh, honey. What a jerk! I always smile sweetly and say, “You’re working for me, remember? I don’t work for you.” That usually does the trick.

    Much love to you from Portland, Ore.

  21. That dude is such an asshole for being so condescending! After he looked at the chart & responded as is did, a great comeback would’ve been something like, “Yeah, most medical PROFESSIONALS at least glance at the patient’s charts BEFORE they see the patient.”

    I say, kick his doctor ass the next time he gives tone to you. :o)

  22. I hope his wife, if he has one, reads this post and realizes what he does when he’s at work. If you’re in a helping profession and don’t know how to help…you need a new job!

    I prayed every single day for no blood with my first baby….it took until about 7 months with the second one for me to not worry so much…

    Lovies for everyone

  23. I have to say I have been watching your story unfold with silent pain. First the doctor should be shot, and fed to the wild boar. I feel your pain with the insensitive. I thought I was doing well in the start of my baby growing, and today my doctor announces, yep all clear nothing happening there… As I yanked my feet from the sturrips I kicked him. Clearly doctors aren’t practicing bedside manners anymore.

  24. THANK GOD everything is FINE! How scary!! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that jerk! You were scared and nervous and the last thing you needed to deal with was that! So sorry about that guy, but I’m glad you and baby are OK:)

    And having a Feb baby is great:) I was one, so I should know;)

  25. You know, I hate doctors like that. You’d think he would have even glanced at your file before coming to see you.
    Glad everythings okay though.

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