Rock-n-Roll Grandpa

We went to the city-sponsored “Concert in the Park” last night to hear my father-in-law’s band play. They do this series of concerts every summer and we always try to at least catch his band, but we can’t always make it. We were determined to last night and packed a picnic lunch and headed downtown to watch the show.

We had a BALL and I think there were several times that NikkiZ was confused/in awe about her Grandpa being on stage playing drums. That is – until she saw the ducks. Then she totally ignored the concert and started screamed “Duck! Duck! See? See?” insisting that someone walk her over to see the ducks. When we would get close she would do her hands in the “come hither” type of gesture and say, ” ‘mere! ‘mere! ‘mere!” I guess she thought the ducks would just trot on over and hang out. Which, of course, she didn’t so she’d look around and say, “More?” Like, “Hey – these ducks suck. Are there any others who would want to hang out with me?”

I have no idea when she became obsessed with ducks. (Last night, evidently.) But we are definitely making a trip downtown this weekend with a loaf of bread so her mind can be blown when the ducks do actually, ” ‘mere” for her. She may die of excitement.

But – when the ducks were out of sight, all eyes were on Grandpa. She hung out with MiMi for awhile center stage and gulped lemonade while enjoying the show. It amazes me how she’ll sit quietly in her lap but with us she’s wanting to run around like a maniac. What is it about grandparents that always inspire angelic behavior?

After the show she sat on her Grandpa’s lap and took a stab at playing drums, making for the cutest moment in Grandfather/Granddaughter history. I didn’t have my good camera so my pictures weren’t fantastic, but they were good enough to preserve the moment forever. SO CUTE.

Either way – she had a blast and I can’t wait to take her to more of the same throughout the summer. Of course, she won’t be able to play the drums at the other concerts and that may bother her a bit. She may just assume all drummers will share with her and try to jump on stage and takeover mid-set. Well – even if she does – it would make for a funny story. And in reality – isn’t that the best part of parenting? The funny stories you can share at gatherings?

3 thoughts on “Rock-n-Roll Grandpa”

  1. aw, she is so cute the other drummers wouldnt mind her playing!! 🙂 How fun!! I love wonderful evenings like that!

  2. Haha. It’s funny you were at a concert last night- I was at a Fall Out Boy concert. Of course, I think your concert probably had less moshing? 😉

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