Just Call Us Mr. and Mrs. Tear Jerker.

Last night was the rehearsal dinner for MrZ’s brother and his wife-in-just-a-few-hours. I had been working for awhile on a “Memory Movie” for them as a surprise. It was a collection of pictures from their Moms of their childhood as well as pictures of them over the last four years that they’ve been together. It has incredibly sappy music (Thank you Jack Johnson!) and cheese title transfers. It went much better than the one I did last week for MrZ’s sister because I learned how to do the music better. I think that 26 minute movie may be one of the most awesome things I’ve ever created. I am so proud of it. I felt like I got to know the bride and her family and friends so much better. I told her two best friends, “I feel like I’ve grown up with you now.” It made everyone in the room smile and it’s just amazing what power pictures have. They can trigger so many emotions. There were laughs and tears. I’m telling you – creating something that touches people so deeply – is an amazing feeling. And when you love every one of those people? It’s like my way of telling them all, “Thank you.”

But THEN – as if my sappy video wasn’t enough – MrZ did his toast. OH MY GOD. Just thinking about it right now is making me want to cry. Let’s put it this way – he started the toast with tears in his eyes and a shaky voice. And he said, “You just saw what looked like me with my arm around my little brother in many photos. But what you don’t realize, is that he was really holding me up. As he always has.”

Are you crying yet? YOU SHOULD BE! I wish I could tell you the whole thing, but I’ll protect a little bit of my husband’s pride because he won’t want everyone knowing how deeply sentimental he is deep down inside.

It was a neat thing. I think we both did what we wanted to: Give the bride and groom our love in the ways only we know how. Today is their big day – I’ve got two groomsmen and a flowergirl I have to get ready. And a lot of tears of joy I have to cry.

14 thoughts on “Just Call Us Mr. and Mrs. Tear Jerker.”

  1. I’m a sympathy crier. I’ll cry with anyone. A good Hallmark commercial wells me up, so here you go. Sniff! Sniff! Good toast.

  2. Aww! How nice of you to make a movie. And I am working on a birthday video for Liam that features one such song by Jack Johnson. Damn him. I cry while I’m making the damned thing.

  3. Not nice, making me cry first thing. :Sigh: But both the video and the toast sound wonderful ~ and it’s so great to do something like this and know that the receivers will appreciate it. Enjoy your day!

  4. Incredibly sweet! Just traveled over from Tiffani’s (Never too Late) Thinking Blogger Award post…but I’ve been here before on several occasions. Enjoy the wedding!

  5. Isn’t that kind of creative connection one of the best feelings ever? So glad to hear that you’re putting your many talents to such good use! And big congrats to BroZ and the new Mrs!

  6. AWWWWWWWWWW!!! I’ll admit it – I got a little misty. Wish I could have heard the whole thing! Congratulations to the happy couple!

  7. So Sweet! I wish I could make movies like that – that sounds awesome!

    Give all our best to the new bride and groom and remember to tell him: if SHE ain’t happy, YOU ain’t happy!! 🙂

  8. Hallmark, eat your heart out. They’ve got nothin’ on Mr. Z’s heartfelt toast to his obviously much-beloved brother.

    (must go cry some more now. . . unbelievable sweetness!!)

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