This is why I need a Hermione’s Time Turner…

Well – we opted to postpone Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza. We did that last year because all of the movies out on Mother’s Day sucked. We postponed it yesterday because we were having trouble figuring out how to squeeze in three movies before 4pm and not have one of them be Spider Man 3. Since every theater has half of it’s screens dedicated to that movie, it was becoming an impossible task. We could have seen two movies, but that’s not really an EXTRAVAGANZA and is more just…well…two movies. So – we’ll do it the next Saturday we have free.

We still had a great day yesterday, and they let me do just about anything I wanted to do and they came along for the ride and at least pretended like they enjoyed it. Pretty cool. I’m a lucky gal.

LilZ has been waiting for today for about two years now. Do you know what today is? You probably don’t. But LilZ does. Trust me. He mentioned it at least 50 times yesterday and I’m not exaggerating. Today is the day my “New Every Two” contract expires which means (a) MrZ and I finally get new phones and (b) LilZ gets a cell phone.

Oh My God. My son is about to have a cell phone. SHIT.

Anyway – I have a decent game plan, the majority of it hinges on a contract he’ll sign with very specific rules and if he breaks any of them the phone is mine for at least a month. The number one rule? NO CELL PHONES AT THE DINNER TABLE. Bah. Any other ideas?

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  1. ACK! Lil’Z’s getting a cell?! Yikes!

    When it comes to cell phones, it annoys me when people ignore cell phone etiquette. I guess the biggest rule I can think of is to treat the cell phone as you would a house phone. No talking at the dinner table, no talking after a certain time at night, no racking up huge charges on the phone, ect.

    And since cells are so easy to lose/break – no replacement cell until you can pay for it yourself if it breaks or gets lost.

    yeah, I’m a big ol’ meanie LOL

  2. We went to see Spiderman 3 yesterday and my heart sank as I watched people carrying in infant carriers and bringing their toddlers.
    It was surprisingly quiet all the way through (except for the scarier parts)…

  3. I’d like to 2nd the whole “cell phone etiquette” thing. If we do our part in teaching our youngsters how to be polite on the phone, maybe there can be world peace after all!

  4. We got my two stepsons cell phones for Christmas this year (they are 13 and 14). The biggest rule that you should make is that he cannot respond to any of those ads on TV for ring tones and games or subscriptions for jokes or stuff like that. We, for a few months, were paying $30 per month on top of our cell phone bill because one of them subscribed to a joke-of-the-day and the other to two other things. They were “premium text messaging charges,” and they made what was a manageable bill outrageous. Also, watch his text messaging. Our first cell phone bill was over $250 because, although they got 500 text messages per month, one used 1200 and the other used 800. At $0.10 each, those added up.

    Now, we put the fear of God in them and they watch that better. Also, they had to pay toward that first ridiculous bill out of their own money (my older stepson had to hand over about $120 to us, which was a powerful lesson to him), and that helped them learn to keep things in check.

    Good luck!

  5. We went the Migo route when getting our 12 year old a cell phone. He can only call four pre-programmed numbers, which may seem mean but, hey, he’s 12, who the hell does he need to call?!?! Besides, the only reason we got him the phone was so that he could call us, and we could call him, and since the phones are all under the same contract, our calls to each other are “free.” The only rule we had to make was that he had to ask us before he could call the other two numbers programmed into the phone. Sure, he has complained (once!) that it is a “baby” phone, but when told it was either that or nothing he never complained again ๐Ÿ™‚ We also told him that in two years, when the contract is up, he may negotiate for a new “grown up” phone. I feel my son is pretty responsible, but I’m not testing that theory with my money!

  6. My son just got his first cell phone. We added him for a simple $10 a month, but we pay the extra $5 for more text messaging. I text him all the time.

    We entered the phone numbers of people his allowed to call/text. Any new entries must be approved by us. And he is not to answer any phone calls if he does not recognize the name/number. Since we programmed in the number he needs he will instantly know if someone he does not know is calling. He does get a few weird calls that we have answered.

    He is also allowed to let a friend use his phone only in the event of emergency, we defined emergency as need to call parents to pick him up from practice, etc.

    It is a chore to teach them proper use, but at the same time I like the sense of connection.

    At first we did not allow him to take his phone to school, now he is allowed but must keep it on vibrate during class and if a teacher busts him its mine!

  7. he must always answer the phone when it’s your calling no matter what!!!

    also, turn that stinkin thing off in the movies…drives me crazy when people are answering their phones and TALKING during the movie!

    i’d stick it to him on the minutes rules. maybe even add a household chore for his “payment” of his phone?

  8. A big one that took me too long to catch on to – no text messaging or phone calls during the time when one should be sleeping.

    Long story short – we finally figured out why Gameboy couldn’t stay awake in school……

  9. I sell cell phones. Here is my advice, given from seeing so many kids with cell phones….

    1. Either closer moniter his texting, or get it blocked. Include in teh contract with him that there will be NO texting during school (I have customers whose kids do OVER 5000 texts a months…that’s 166 a DAY. Talking with these kids when their parents aren’t there lets me know that the majority of those take place in class.

    2. I totally agree with the person who talked about Premium Services. Make it very clear to LilZ that NOTHING is free. If he texts to a 6 digit number for a “free ringtone” “free horoscope” etc, it IS signing him up for something that can cost up to $14.99 per month!

    3. Check your bill each month for charges that aren’t familiar, and go in or call right away to get them explained and/or fixed. Our company has a policy that if you wait more than 1 billing cycle to dispute a charge, you agree to it, and I feel really bad when I can’t do anything about charges I know shouldn’t be there, but the customer has waited 2-3 months to bring it to my attention.

    4. Find out about insurance options for the phone. Some insurance you can’t add after 30 days, and the deductible is usually WAY less than a new phone in case of a lost phone. You still have a contract, and still have to pay monthly charges even if you don’t have a working phone, so replacing it as soon as possible, for as cheaply as possible is a good idea.

    5. If you haven’t gotten it already, instead of going for the “coolest” phone, ask the rep what the most reliable ones are. This will save much grief! Usually you can still get a “cool” one and it will last for the next two years!

    Good luck!

  10. For the love of all that’s holy, don’t forget to get him unlimited text messaging. He’ll try not to go over – but he will. Most plans charge like $5 for unlimited.

    No internet, only approved ringtones, etc.

    And no using the cell phone when the home phone will do just fine.

    OH! And the cell phone’s primary purpose is for you to get in touch with him and he with you – THEREFORE, when you call, he best answer! (Sorry – personal issue in my home with my own teenager – I’m sure LilZ will be much better.)

  11. Unlimited texting sounds like a good idea, because it is *so* easy to go over. And maybe don’t charge it in his room at night, so you know he’s not staying up half the night talking to girls ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plugging it in in the kitchen would likely do just fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’m not sure, as pretty much everyone I know has a prepaid phone in NZ. Its really the best way to go and I don’t use my cellphone for talking, just texting.

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