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Father of the Year

Guess what MrZ and I did yesterday? Come on…guess!

Not that.
Not that either.

Okay – I’ll tell you. We made hair bows! SERIOUSLY. See, NikkiZ’s hair is really fine and the only kind of bow that will stay in are the ones made out of those miniature clips they use at the salon. However, those bows are only sold locally at this one department story and they sell for $3 each. I used to make bows in high school, and these didn’t seem too complicated, so we finally hunted down those clippies this weekend and tried to learn how to make hair bows. Now – I did not ask MrZ to try – but when he saw me tinkering with the stuff (and frying the crap out of my fingers with the hot glue gun) he had to get in on some of the crafty action. We were both struggling to figure out the best way go about making the damn things, but we both finally made bows we wouldn’t be too ashamed to put in NikkiZ’s hair! I was very proud of him for openly trying such a stereotypically “girly” task. I am even more proud that he actually did a damn good job. I took pictures of the ones I made, but I haven’t photographed his yet. I’ll post them as soon as I can. But until then, just marvel at the awesomeness of a man who makes hair bows.

8 thoughts on “Father of the Year”

  1. That’s as sweet as my husband and father-in-law stringing beads for necklaces and bracelets that my niece sells in her version of a “lemonade stand.” It’s so cute when men do stuff like that for the ones they love.

  2. Aw. That’s so sweet!

    And I thought my man was awesome for helping me color my hair!

  3. maybe it can become a regular family activity..!!! 🙂
    Bonding time over a hot glue gun and pink ribbon..!

  4. you have to find some of those made with the zipper part of a zip lock bag….because they are clear, you can’t see them..

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