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Taking a break from the internet to rot my brain in other ways…

LilZ planned a movie night for Friday night. His original idea was that I would just drop him off at the theater to see Disturbia with his friends. The bad news is: I’m not quite ready for the “drop off” events yet. I don’t think he’s quite old enough, especially once I found out it was going to be him and, like, FOUR GIRLS. No other boys. Just him and a bunch of chicks. Yeah – needless to say I invited myself along to that party.

However – I did the Cool Mom thing and I offered to separate from him and sit in another part of the theater and not talk to him. But LilZ atually likes me, which always shocks me, and he insisted on me sitting next to him for the movie. BIG MISTAKE.

That movie scared the SHIT out of me. I mean – I have never screamed so much in a movie in my entire life. I hate, HATE scary movies. HATE. And I spent the majority of last night’s movie with my face buried in my jacket. Several times I screamed and LilZ said, “Moooom! Stop!” until I pointed out kindly that EVERYONE IN THE FREAKIN’ THEATER WAS SCREAMING. He just could only hear me because I was right next to him. But I promise you – I went to the bathroom at one point and at least half of the people there were watching through their fingers. SCARY.

But kinda awesome too. BUT SCARY.

(Oh – and in LilZ’s defense – I did scream during a really stupid part in the beginning when a guy caught a fish. It wasn’t even scary, I was just so prepped for something terrifying that when the fish jumped out of the water I screamed like a crazy person embarrassing the hell out of LilZ. I’m a joy to see a movie with.)

Note from 2020: Eliah still makes fun of me for screaming at that fish.

We watched two movies at home today: The Holiday which was really cute and I found Jack Black incredibly charming. Which surprised the hell out of me. The second was Little Miss Sunshine. Now – let me start by saying I have no depth to my taste in movies, and usually the critically acclaimed leave me terribly disappointed. This is why it took me so long to see this movie. I just didn’t expect to like it because all of the critics loved it. But Y’all? It was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. It left me feeling happy – really happy – and it’s been a long time since a movie hit me that deep. I cried my eyes out during one brilliantly awesome scene at the end. I cried through my laughter – it was that good.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Mother’s Day like we do every year: Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza. Where we spend the day watching a series of movies at the theater. LilZ and I do it every year – so by the end of tomorrow, I’ll have officially seen more movies this weekend than the entire year total up until that point.

14 thoughts on “Taking a break from the internet to rot my brain in other ways…”

  1. i’ve totally avoided seeing disturbia because i know it’ll make me do the same thing.

    and LMS? a GREAT freaking movie! the dance sequence rivals that of Napoleon Dynamite!

  2. My 15yo went to see Disturbia with friends a few weeks ago. She thought it was great (she loves scary movies).

    LOVED “The Holiday,” and I agree that Jack Black was adorable in it. I can forgive him “Shallow Hal” after seeing this one. But I rented “Little Miss Sunshine” a few weeks ago and didn’t care for it at all. Yeah, it was cute the way the family supported the little girl at the pageant, but the rest of the show just had me cringing.

  3. I’m not sure how I found you…but I like you. And I bet big money we know lots of the same folks…I have some interesting ties to KCHS alums…long story. And, I work at one really big University that I should be pulling for at all times, but in my heart, well, I heart Rocky Top! Oh, and LMS – saw it the weekend it came out and I’ve been talking about it EVER SINCE. Again, I like you and I”m glad I found you.

  4. I would have screamed too. I’m like that in scary movies.

    Happy Mother’s Day! Have fun with your movie extravaganza. It sounds like a great way to spend the day.

  5. Happy Mother’s Day!

    I’ll be waiting for more movie reviews to be posted. Sounds like we have the same taste.

  6. I think Little Miss Sunshine was scarier than Disturbia. Well, at least the girls at the end were.AH

  7. What a great, original mother’s day tradition!

    Oh and I’m with you. Disturbia scared the bejesus out of me!

  8. you have NO idea how happy i am you loved LMS!!! seriously, girl……it’s been hard enough for me maintain my faith in and friendship with you w/ your unappreciation of the genius of such things as seinfeld and the office. if you didn’t love this movie? that might have sealed our fate.

    🙂 love you!

  9. I watched Holiday this week too. I liked it alot…I’m a sucker for those lame, nothing happens movies…I’m not a scary movie goer either

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