It’s the same part of me who likes to get tattoos

MrZ was going through some of the papers from when we bought our house and he discovered that there are evidently “rules” for our subdivision. We didn’t even know this! It’s funny, we’ve always said we’d never want to live someplace where they tell you what you can and can not do with your home, and then it turns out we do live in a place like that!

It’s not exactly enforced, though. There’s no “home owners committee” or anything. We don’t have to get paint colors approved or anything like that. And from what we can tell, most people in the neighborhood probably don’t realize it’s there either. Turns out it is attached to the LAND, not the houses, which is all very weird. We get the impression that the “rules” are there so that if one of us gets annoyed by something someone else does, we’ll have legal ground to get pissy about it. I guess. I really don’t know.

But one of the things listed in the “rules” was that any window coverings that hang in front of windows seen by the street need to be white, unless otherwise approved. Now, first of all? I would have no idea who to talk to in order to get something approved. Second of all? Our curtains came with the house and the ones in the windows that face the street are white. So – no big deal! We’ve been following the rules and didn’t even realize it!

Unfortunately – now that I realize there is a rule? I totally want to break it. I totally want to go all “Happy Harry Hard-on” and throw my pearls in the microwave and watch them blow up the kitchen while I munch on popcorn. (Name that movie.) I want to get RED curtains for one window and PURPLE for another and just see if someone tries to stop me. I suddenly want a big statue in my front yard (someone naked maybe?) and some sort of obnoxious flag for my flag pole. I didn’t want any of these things before I found out that there were rules against them. But suddenly? I’m feeling rebellious.

Luckily my husband is a bit more mature and will stop me before I spray paint a photo of my left boob on the roof.

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  1. If you are going to play name that movie at least make it a hard one! 😉

    And I don’t think curtains are “window coverings”, I think they mean anything on the outside, or over the window itself, not internal decor like curtains. Just a guess though.

  2. We also have CC&R’s for our neighborhood. It’s stuff like we can’t have goats (oh…um…wah?), we can’t park a bunch of cars in the street, and our fence can’t be over a certain height. It pissed me off at first but then I decided that I just don’t care. And our neighbors break rules all the time.

  3. Man, Christian Slater was so hot in that movie. I would sit in my room and watch that movie and get all teenage angsty. My mom could always tell when I had seen it.

    The soundtrack rocked too!

  4. I would like to have some basic rules in my neighborhood. For instance, you may not leave an empty magnum of wine and an empty whiskey bottle out for any longer than 1 week. Because, my neighbors (incidentally, they have the NICEST house on our street) have had these two items in front of their garage for two months now. What the hell are they waiting for? Throw the damn things away!

  5. Oooo. When we bought our house, we were told there was a “loosely enforced neighborhood covenant” but we’ve never received a copy of said covenant. You make me want to seek out a copy, and break some covenants. If we’re not already.

  6. If only I had checked earlier, I could have felt all smart by answering Pump Up The Volume. But now I just look like I’m cheating.

    My parents live in a neighborhood like that and they have the whole “if you can see it from the front yard, take it down” rule. She has some stained glass decorations hanging in the front window by the door that they told her to take down and she refused. They have yet to ask her again. But they did just recently make them repaint the house because the colors (which had been there for probably 8 years and had at one point in time been approved) apparently were the wrong shade and weren’t on the approved list.

  7. Um, I currently live in the house that makes people wish our neighborhood had covenants. We pulled out all the old shrubbery with a truck and a chain – now there’s just dirt. And there are at least 5 different paint colors patched across the front of our house . . . it’s so we can choose, but it looks stupid.

    Then again, there is that guy around the corner with 6 cars that don’t run and dogs that live in said cars.

  8. Glad I own that movie or it would have driven on me 😛

    I bet those date back to earlier stuffier times. If your house was built in the 50-70’s they had those neighborhood gestapo rules.

  9. Leslie – Thinking about intersection of Mind, Media, Tech • AI, psychology, wine, food, books, music • AI/ML CMO • McKinsey alum • she/her
    leslie says:

    I always want to break rules. 🙂 Must be a tattoo thing, I think you are right.

  10. Go ahead and spray paint “Talk Hard” on your garage door!

    We lived in a neighborhood with “Deed Restrictions” and it’s a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that it keeps other people from doing anything tacky with their homes or yards. The curse was the little lady in charge of the community association had a golf cart that she rode around on and would put a nasty notice on your door in a heartbeat. She was on a bit of a power trip!!

  11. Ever since Gleaming the Cube, and Pump up the Volume, I’ve had a scary secret crush on Christian Slater. It’s a dirty dirty crush. I also listened to that soundtrack until the tape broke.

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