Is it Sunday already?

Well – I sent LilZ off to his Dad’s for the weekend and took the time to sterilize his room in hopes to avoid catching the disease that NikkiZ has successfully passed on to everyone. My friend’s daughter, LeeLo, was in the hospital last night with severe hydration from this damn bug. Needless to say? I do NOT want it.

I didn’t count on him coming home still feeling like ass. (No pun intended.) But he did. This bug is from hell, that’s for sure.

MrZ, NikkiZ, and I took our well-bodied selves out and about yesterday in an effort to make it look like we are fun people for the 24 hours of flickr project. It was a great day and we took some great pictures. My personal favorite is above. We spent some time at the Botanical Gardens, but it was a wee bit hazy and hard to photograph. We then went to a festival and ate some yummy BBQ. They even have a BBQ competition, but I haven’t figured out how to get involved in the judging process yet. One of these days…

21 thoughts on “Is it Sunday already?”

  1. Loved your 24 Hours of Flickr set! Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous butterflies, gorgeous family! Hope you’re all staying healthy.

  2. There is a picture of NikkiZ in that set where it looks like she has on a pair of blue wings same color as her shirt. So cute!! She’s getting so big! She went from toddler to child overnight!! Looks like a great weekend.

    P.S. My husband and I are involved with a BBQ cookoff in Huntsville TX in April every year. You come on next year and we’ll let you judge some BBQ, margaritas, etc. !!

  3. Oh, how gorgeous! All the photos were amazing. I also loved the one of Mr. Z and NikkiZ walking away from the camera. Oh, and Mr. Z is so HOTT!!! You’re a lucky lady. 🙂

  4. I never comment…but just had to this time cause all your pictures are just Awesome!!!!

  5. those pictures are awesome. my favorite is the first one that you took of the three of you in your reflection…the one where you’re squatting.
    love it.

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