Let’s all say a prayer for my digestive system

What would be the MOST AWESOME thing in the world to wake up to less than 24 hours from when I’m supposed to run a marathon? Come on…Guess…

A toddler covered in vomit? EXACTLY!

NikkiZ is sick. They told us at daycare yesterday she had loose poops and there was something “going around” and I said a quick prayer, “Please don’t be sick.” I went to get her up this morning and her hair, face, and sheets were covered in vomit. I said, “Please don’t be sick.” I was just holding her after a bath and she was very lethargic and then she puked all over me.

Now I’m saying, “Please don’t get me sick.”

I dont know what to do. We can’t really drag her out of state if she’s sick, so I think MrZ is going to have to stay home with her. Which means he’ll miss his golf tournament. Which makes him unhappy. But that will be fine as long as I can make it to the finish line tomorrow without puking. I dont mind getting sick – just let it be AFTER my marathon. Please? I’ve worked so hard. My brother and his fiance are flying across the country. My Mom and Dad are meeting me in Nashville, all to see me complete this journey. To finally do what I’ve been working so hard for. Please, Please, Please don’t let me get sick.

24 thoughts on “Let’s all say a prayer for my digestive system”

  1. Sending prayers your way.

    Have a good run and I hope she feels better soon.

  2. Oh boy. I hope she feels better soon and that you don’t get it too! ~~Stay healthy vibes headed your way~~~

  3. Please don’t let Zoot get sick!! Perhaps drink an active yogurt Actimel type thing or two? They’re supposed to help your digestive system…

  4. Right NOW, find a store that carries Emer-gen-C (our Walmart has it) and take a packet ever 4 hours or so. Its a good immunity booster.

    I’ll be thinking of you and shooting some prayers up as well. You’re going to do GREAT.

  5. oh no…i’m sending good non-pukey-vibes your way. good luck!

    also to kind of echo the person above me, try one of those airborne things…i chugged them on christmas when my entire family came down with the stomach flu and i was the only one to not catch it. i think there’s something magical in those fizzy tablets.

  6. how typical.
    my kids always know how to get sick right before a trip or something big.

  7. Here’s to hoping you do not get sick! Good luck! Hoping you a happy, healthy finish!

  8. Reading this, I’m so anxious for you. But that doesn’t help. So instead, I’m trying to breathe and send good anti-viral thoughts your way. Have a great race tomorrow!

  9. OH MY! I’m sending some stomach calming vibes to both you and NikkiZ. I really hope you don’t get sick – after all the training you’ve done… that would be so disappointing.

    Best of luck with the marathon tomorrow – I can’t wait to hear the full race report. You can do it!!!

  10. Maybe his parents will watch her so Mr. Z can still make the golf tournament.

  11. Good luck tomorrow! I hope NikkiZ feels better soon and that you do not get sick!!

  12. I hate sick babies and all of the Mommy Guilt that accompanies it. I hope she feels better soon.

    Good Luck tomorrow.

  13. Oh no! I hope you’re ok. I got sick just before my 21st birthday party and I was vomitting everywhere andI was so scared I’d have to cancel. In the end, I had to go to the doctor for steroid shots…are you allowed to do that? Anyway, I hope you’re okay 🙂 Good luck! You’re so inspiring!

  14. I totally understand how you feel – I would rather DIE than puke. BUT, don’t forget that you were hurling like a week ago – so chances are, she got this from, um, you. So, you’ve had it, you’re done, and you WON’T barf on your shoes tomorrow.

    Good Luck! I’ll be rooting for you!

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