I’m so scared I may die

LilZ and I are in our fancy (and waaaay over-priced) hotel room winding down for the night. I’m still not puking, but I’m feeling a little woozy. I’m hoping it’s nerves and not the bug NikkiZ has. MrZ and I have been touching base all day and she has not gotten any better. This means I’m going to have to do this without him and I’m so sad about that I’m trying not to cry. Knowing he won’t be there for me at the finish line is just heartbreaking.

BUT – My Dad and brother and son will all be here. And hopefully even my mom! We’ll see.

Okay – but the highlight of the night? And a TOTAL sign that I’m going to finish tomorrow because it’s the best good luck charm ever? I got stopped at the airport and recognized from my blog! And I was totally freaked out and amazed that it happened (in front of my Dad!) that I totally acted like a totally moron to the lovely girl and kept saying “Thank you!” to everything she said. I was so amazed and flattered and amazed I totally didn’t even hear her tell me her name. Are you out there? Will you re-introduce yourself to me? I’m an idiot! I’m sorry!

Anyway – I consider her talking to me one of the best good luck charms I could have asked for. Thank you!

I’m going to bed now. I don’t know if I’ll have time to update in the morning. But – I’m hoping to snap pictures of mile markers along the way and send them to Flickr so if you check back you can see how slow I’m going! And if I quit halfway!

Here goes nothing…I’m beyond terrified…

33 thoughts on “I’m so scared I may die”

  1. Can’t wait to see your after pictures…you know, after you make the whole 26.2 miles!

    I am behind and just read what you said about feeling like you don’t fit in at the expo, and I am with you, sister. I am a size 16 doing half-marathons, and all of the people who actually are built for running make me feel so inadequate.

    But I fight it. I am doing it (albeit slower) too, and I get to be just as proud. So do you. I hope you strutted through, knowing how much you rock.

  2. I think you are brave & amazing for even ATTEMPTING this. Wow, what an accomplishment it will be. I know you can do it!

    Enjoy your time with your family, hope NikkiZ is better soon, can’t wait to hear all about it later!

  3. I don’t even “know” you, but I wanted to tell you I woke up today excited for you. I couldn’t wait until I had this moment to hop online and send you a quick note. You’ll rock that marathon. Zoot. Be proud – you’ve accomplishmed so much! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  4. I’m rooting for you Zoot! can’t wait to hear about you finishing the marathon! I am going to hop on my treadmill and run in support of you this morning., Granted it will only be 3 miles for me, but I’m rooting for you!

  5. You rock, Zoot!!!

    I ran for you this morning. I kept thinking “hell, this is nothing, Zoot is running a MARATHON today!”

    You’re awesome.

  6. You can do it, Zoot! I know you’re already running right now, and I’m sure you’re doing GREAT!

    I’m sorry MrZ and NikiZ can’t be there at the finish line for you. I guess you’ll just have to run another marathon so they can meet you at that finish line!

    Good luck!!!

  7. Good luck Zoot! I can’t figure out whether the time difference from here (Scotland) means you haven’t started yet or have already finished! Whatever, I know you’ll do brilliantly.

  8. Good luck! Sorry your husband can’t be there for you at the end, but you’ll still make it!!!

    And how cool are you that someone recognized you! You’re famous!

  9. what a wonderful accomplishment!! so when’s the next one?? 😉


  10. just checked out ur wedding pics on the random pics from the header of the page, and its sooo beautiful.. i can see the happiness mixed with nervousness in your eyes..

    weddings in india are .. well.. different. i wish we wud introduce the kiss at the end. it wud be so cool.. its more stiff and formal here 🙂

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