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Boo Boo.

NikkiZ has learned he word “boo boo.” She doesn’t associate that with an injury, instead she associates it with the ZITS ON MY FACE. She was falling asleep one night and started playing with a zit on my chin so I said, “That’s a boo boo.” So, she continue rubbing it and saying, “Boo Boo” as she did it. The entire time I’m thinking, “Yes – and your greasy fingers are going to make it worse.”

That was a week ago and not a day has gone by now the she doesn’t point to the SAME spot on my chin and say, “Boo Boo.” But now? She’s finding the other ones. Yesterday she found four of my Boo Boos and pointed each of them out to her brother. Isn’t that sweet? And if she keeps rubbing her grubby hands on my face I’ll get even more for her to find.

Yet – I can’t stop her because it’s just such a sweet gesture. She’s very gentle and concentrates as she hunts down all of my Boo Boos. Let’s just hope she doesn’t start doing it to other people. The acne-prone 16-year-old cashier at Target probably won’t find it as sweet.

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  1. My 18 month old daughter pointed out a big zit of mine one day so I told her it was a spot. Now she points out “spot, spot, spot” every morning, proof positive that concealer really doesn’t work, even when I have tried really hard to cover them up!

  2. I just started reading your blog – I love your wit and humor.

    My youngest daughter did the same thing. Since I didn’t have acne as a teen, I was frustrated with the acne that has popped out on my over 30 year old face. So I caved into the infomercial pressure and purchased Proactive. I am here to tell you ladies…it actually works! I kid you not, bet money I ever spent.

    Side note: I don’t work for the company, I don’t get paid on sales, I just think that women should share success stories as well as commiserate on our shortcomings.

  3. My sister and I have quite a few moles on our bodies. When my niece was about NikkiZ’s age, she would point to one of my sister’s moles and say “Moley,moley,moley” and just laugh! It was always three times, “moley,moley,moley”. It stills makes me smile to think about that.

  4. well, you’re lucky, zits come and go. My 20 months twins point at my moles (which I am covered with) and say: Yuck!! and try to wipe them off! That’s so sweet to hear : )

  5. It’s like a kid poking me in the tummy and saying “Soft!” Or, you know how lots of kids can’t say their TH sounds, and maybe add -ey to the end of everything? So Heather becomes Hevver becomes…yeah. Note to self: three year old did not mean anything by that 😛

  6. My youngest, who just turned 3, was doing the same thing to me last year. I just remember thinking – “ah yes, if only it were a boo-boo and not a nasty zit!” Of course my hubby ruined that the first time he heard him say it by responding with, “that’s no boo-boo…it’s a zit!” Damn him anyway – it just sounded so much nicer to have it called a boo-boo.

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