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I feel ya, girl.

The other night I had to take LilZ to the bowling alley for a party. We picked up a friend of his along the way, and he sat in the backseat with NikkiZ. We were all talking and I realized she had her hand over her eyes. I pointed it out to the boys and suggested maybe the sun was bothering her? Then, I realized I could hear her sobbing.

“LilZ! Your sister is crying, pull her hands back and see what’s wrong!”

Well – that was a bad idea. When he pulled her hand away from her face, she looked at his friend and started WAILING. I mean – she was shaking and terrified. Of course, his friend felt awful! Here is this baby sitting next to him, screaming like he’s the corporeal frame of evil, and there’s nothing anyone could do. We couldnt get her to calm down until they got out of the car at the bowling alley. It was SO WEIRD. This boy is a good bit smaller than LilZ, so it seems she wouldn’t have been scared. I’ve never seen her react like that to another kid. An adult? Yeah. But a kid? Never.

So – do you think she is inheriting my social anxiety?

5 thoughts on “I feel ya, girl.”

  1. Awww…maybe she had a big ol crush and was SO embarrassed. *lol* Oh wait, that starts a few years later.

  2. Sometimes it is hard to have a stranger sit by you. Even if they are small and a friend of your brothers. My boys did it every so often.

    Little ones hate change.

  3. Mine has done that a handful of times too. Sometimes I know the reason, she’s overtired or not feeling well. The other times it has happened I think that maybe she just knows something I don’t. Maybe the kid seemed off to her.

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