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Where did Saturday go?

The family reunion yesterday was fun, but all too short. We were only able to stay long enough to chat awhile, overdose on brownies, and kick some croquet ass. I was the croquet tournament’s official sports photographer – so I didn’t play. Since I had never even held a croquet mallet before, much less seen a course, this was a good move on my part. In reality, no one really knew what they were doing and everyone was just out to have fun. Except my Dad – he was out to see how many times he could hit my other cousins off the course. Which was hysterical. Did it help his game to him them out of the way? Who cares! Hit them anyway!

MrZ and NikkiZ played their own version of croquet off to the side. Their version involved a lot of bonking of baby heads with croquet mallets. It seemed like every time I tried to snap a picture of NikkiZ with the mallet, she would hit herself in the head. She gets that natural talent from me.

The party last night was fun as well. I just wore a skirt and top from my closet. I didn’t feel as good as I would have in something new, but I felt fine. It’s funny – my husband is quite the studly charmer in situations like that. If you knew us alone, you would guess I’d be the leader at a party like that. But nope – put him in a suit and MrZ becomes quite amazing. He was introducing me to people and talking to everyone who made eye contact with him. He kept having to drag me out of my safe little corner where I was drinking too much wine and trying to be invisible. I was very proud of him and I’m happy at least one of us knows how to function like a grownup.

At one point in time he said, “Oh! Look who is here! I want you to meet him.” I was all, “Who is that?” To which my husband replied, “THAT would be our family doctor you’ve never seen.” Heh. So, when I joke I don’t really ever go to the doctor? I’m not exaggerating. I don’t go unless I’m too sick to wait for an appointment and have to go to the walk-in clinic. So, I met my family doctor last night!

It was a gorgeous party in a historic home in downtown Huntsville. It was a great crowd of interesting people. One of these days, I’ll be more comfortable in those situations. Until then, I’ll just hold onto my husband’s arm and try to hide in the shadows.

4 thoughts on “Where did Saturday go?”

  1. nikkiz is so freaking cute, she almost doesn’t look real.
    (this is supposed to be a compliment, in case it sounds otherwise)

  2. Very, very serious question here. How do you keep bows in NikkiZ’s hair? Kyra thinks that anytime I put something in her hair it means “hey let’s play that game where you put something in my hair and then I take it out and throw it at you and laugh!” I’m fascinated when I see little girls with bows or clips or ponytails and I always want to know how the moms got the kiddo to! lol

  3. Good gosh….could your family be any nicer looking??? LilZ is getting more and more handsome – he has that “southern boy” look that was many a lady’s downfall in college.

    And NikiZ… need to figure out how to bottle that cuteness. I could use some.

  4. I have a silly techie question: this post has two pictures posted from Flickr. How did you do that? Right now if I want to post more than one picture on my blog I have to use the Blogger Image uploader thing that also puts the pictures in a Picasa album and I do not like that. So is it possible for me, a lowly Blogger-challenged…blogger…to do that? If so, can you tell me how? I promise I’ll read your blog forever. Well, I’ll do that anyway, even if you don’t help me, but still. The promise is there.

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