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Seriously. This kid is SO COOL.

I was in LilZ’s room last night – signing his “Sanjaya Needs To Go” petition he’s taking to school (hee) – when I noticed his marker board on the floor with several lists on it. This is the same marker board he left a note to Merry Maids on the other day. He gets quite a bit of use out of it. The lists were for each of his classes and under the class name was a list of names. I tried to guess what it was in my head but finally I said, “So – what’s that about?”

Well – I’ve mentioned one of my BFFs is moving here. Her eldest daughter and LilZ practically spent the first four years of their lives as siblings. She will go to LilZ’s school and he’s hoping she’ll be in all of his classes. She starts on Monday so the board was a list of people she could talk to in each class. How awesome is that? He’s telling all of his friends about her and even has one girl he think would be a good candidate for her BFF.

He’s pretty much doing the leg work hoping to make what could be a scary transition, go smoothly. I may not cook dinner, clean house, or shower – but I know how to raise the next generation of Organizers.

21 thoughts on “Seriously. This kid is SO COOL.”

  1. that has to be the sweetest, most thoughtful thing i’ve ever heard of. i would have KILLED to have had a littleZ in my middle school back in the day.

    good job raising the such a good kid, zoot!

  2. Isn’t it JUST SO AWESOME how we can be so bummed about them just a few days ago … and then they turn around and show their true colors!!! Gotta love being a Mom…

  3. Much much better than a clean house. What a great kid.

    Though maybe he could make a list next of all the kids who would like to come over and clean and cook for you! That would be even more awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. And the next generation of sweet guys. That is one of the most thoughtful things… reading it caused me to tear up.

  5. I wish I could have had a friend like LilZ during all of my moves. That first day at a new school is just so scary. He’s awesome!

  6. Zoot, how many moms have asked to arrange a marriage between their daughters & LilZ? Because he is *seriously* awesome. You’re doing a great job with him!

  7. That LilZ is TOTALLY the coolest! With that sensitive side, the ladies are gonna be all over him in high school. Maybe I should put my 11 year-old daughter’s name on his list now?

    (with the way she’s been acting lately, I would send her over today, postage paid)

  8. Colour me impressed! What a great kid you’ve managed to raise, there! Total sweetheart…remember these moments as teenagehood gets worse ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. What an ultimately cool kid! And handy that he’s so organized!

    Not only is he getting big enough to help people move stuff, but he can move it into the trucks in an orderly fashion!

  10. I can’t decide which is cooler — that he has a Sanjaya petition, or what he’s doing for your friend’s daughter. What a great kid!

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