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A sign she’s going to be weird like her mother…

NikkiZ has started demonstrating a few weird quirks in the last month or so. Stuff we find both adorable and hilarious, all at the same time. I’d thought I’d share some of the weirdness with you because these are the things I’ll forget by next month.

Weird Shit My Daughter Does

  • For awhile, to get her to walk from room to room instead of having me carry her, I would say, “Let’s march to the laundry room!” I would march and say, “March! March! March!” to get her to join me. Well, now, whenever I try to get her to follow me, she does it on her own. Kinda. She says this word that sounds more like, “Muh! Muh! Muh!” and she marches with one leg only. If you don’t know what she’s doing, it’s hilarious because she’ll stomp that one leg very dramatically – but not the other one. It’s very weird. It’s her one-legged march, I guess. To her own drummer.
  • She is STILL obsessed with all things trashy. She still points out every trash can we pass in public and tries to pick up any piece of trash she sees in our home, on the ground, at the store…everywhere. It is actually quite handy because we can hand her something and say, “Go put that in the trash,” and she will! Excitedly. She’ll even stop along the way and pick up more if she finds any. The downside? Is when we’re at a store and she points to the garbage can and screams, “Trash! Trash! Trash!” because 9 times out of 10 there is someone standing near the garbage can, and getting totally offended.
  • NikkiZ has learned to show affection from our cat, Bambi. Bambi does that cat-thing and head-butts you for affection. It’s really cute and I think NikkiZ has seen us stick our forehead out to Bambi for a head-butt one too many times. Now, she’ll come stick her forehead on yours and just rub it around and giggle the entire time. She’s kinda forceful so it would actually hurt a little, if you weren’t too busy giggling at the weirdness of the action.

You know? Now that I think about it? I need to videotape these things to show you. Somehow they lose a little bit of “weirdness” in the translation. Just trust me: SHE IS VERY WEIRD.

9 thoughts on “A sign she’s going to be weird like her mother…”

  1. Mine is “jumping”, but not really! I have a video of it on my cell phone and I need to post it. It is REALLY funny!
    Kids are CRAZY!

    On a completely unrelated note- I have readers, actual people WHO READ MY BLOG! And who have added me to their BLOGROLL! It is partially do to you and your fabulous recommendation to try! AND they leave comments!(you do too,and I also thank you!).
    So if we do ever meet, I totally owe you a beer! Because YOU ROCK!

  2. Oooh! pretty new design!

    NikkiZ’s trash obsession remnds me of when I gave my adorable goddaughter her birthday present when she turned 2. It was some bath toy, which after she unwrapped she promptly tried to throw away. Her mom tried to tell her it was her present and she said, “No, mommy. It’s trash. I promise.” It was so stinkin’ adorable. She is 6 now, and we are still laughing over it.

  3. Hee! I loved the yelling “Trash!” at people standing by the trash can! She is possibly the most beautiful child I have ever seen (besides my babies, natch.) The fact that she is weird is just the icing on the cake.

  4. My daughter actually did the same thing with the marching. I also found it extremely funny and would make her march whenever I could.

  5. Heehee! This post cracked me up. I hope you do make a video- it’s been a little while since your last Zoot-cam. Heh.

  6. The Boy never was a hugger. He did the forehead thing. Instead of saying, “Give me a hug!”, we would always say, “Touch heads!” (Behind his back, we called him a Conehead.)

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