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Randomness from yesterday

Yesterday was one of those days that left me with plenty of things to talk about, but not enough to form a coherent entry so I’m going to fall back on the tool that brings me salvation in dark blogging times.

Shit that happened yesterday: Bullet Style

  • Merry Maids came. They were very cool and professional and nice and the list of stuff they “do” was thorough and detailed. If I wanted to hire them once every week, it would be 90 dollars a pop. Every two weeks? $110. Monthly? $165. And for a one-time crazy cleaning – $263. That is officially beyond our range of affordability. Probably by $150. I’ll probably keep my ears open for any recommendations, but I don’t want to take someone from the paper because I’m kinda suspicious and I’m not sure I would trust someone unless a person I trusted recommended them. No big deal. We kinda like living in filth.
  • MrZ helped my friend Stace move in last night. That’s not too exciting since I always volunteer MrZ for stuff like that. It’s his muscles. I can’t help but want to share them with everyone. Luckily he likes to help – so he doesn’t mind so much. The cool part is that LilZ was a huge help too! Another one of the perks of a kid growing up – manual labor for friends and family. AWESOME.
  • MamaPop (Hee – I just typed MamaPap instead – hee.) was taken off the server because the traffic was too high, or some such nonsense. Sweetney expresses the discontent sufficiently on her site. It sucks though, because I just started and I can’t help but wonder if the cybergods are angry that I’m trying to take over another piece of the internet. I mean – I am a little greedy when it comes to blogspace, you know. I just can’t help it! It’s a sickness!
  • I ate pizza last night and I can’t stop burping pepperoni. See? That is one of those tidbits that make bullets a bad thing to use when blogging. Because information like that feels appropriate for a list of bullets, but would not be included in a paragraph entry. But – since I’m using bullets? I thought I must share it with you.

13 thoughts on “Randomness from yesterday”

  1. I have been trying to get into MamaPop for a couple of days aince your HIMYM post and I can’t! There coud be important TV related information that I am missing!

  2. crikey that is a lot of $$. 🙁 i would love for someone to come clean out my house too. especially with all the mice from the downstairs apartment coming upstairs now. We are constantly cleaning. everything. all the time. i don’t like that.

    random totally off topic…did you ever get to make a donation from when you got all those comments?

  3. The other thing you can do is call someone from the paper but ask them for contact information on references and past customers. If they are above board, they will give them to you and you can check up on their work and reliability. Ive never done that for a housekeeper, but we have used the tactic before for other work.

    Also, Flylady? Is really cool. I read the site and recommendations all the time. I don’t usually follow her though simply because Im…. well…. lazy. 🙂

  4. Hey there. I am a flylady person myself (sorta) but it definitely does work.

    We used to have an awesome cleaning lady when we lived next to you, but I have no idea where her phone number is among all of our boxes, but I can pass along her name if you like. I think she was about $50 for every other week or something like that, I don’t remember.

  5. Hmmm…I’m wondering if that one time cleaning is worth it. We’ve got some extra income tax money hanging around. Good to know.

    I’m so bummed about MamaPop (MamaPap would be a whole different kind of site, I think *lol*). Arg! No American Idol liveblog. It was a sad, sad night. 🙁

  6. Oh man. Bummer on the Merry Maids. I had high hopes that they’d be affordable and that I’d be able to talk my husband into it. Good luck finding an independant.

  7. I just had another thought… check out the craigslist listings for your area. Sometimes they have other professional/bonded people listed….

  8. That is an awful lot of money! I totally see why you are just gonna wait!

    Sad, sad news about Mamapop…where am I gonna get’s mah gossip?

  9. I miss my MamaPop! It must have been all the comments on Danniellyn’s paternity that crashed the server 🙂

    I SO need Merry Maids to come. Or “Clean Sweep”. Could you nominate me for Clean Sweep? Thanks. That would be great.

  10. $110 seems like a lot, but I think I mentioned that I only had the bare minimum done (bathrooms and floors – no dusting, clutter control or dishes). That made me happy, but dust doesn’t bother me.

    I used Molly Maid, but a friend of mine used Merry Maid and was pretty happy. I agree with the “not using someone out of the paper”. At a minimum, you want someone who is bonded. Good luck – I hope you find someone because more time with your family is SO worth it!

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