If only Christian Slater had a new movie out

I’m sitting here very impatiently waiting for a certain BFF of mine to come over. She started her new job today and will be staying the week with me until she moves here officially on April 7th. She, my friend Junkie (who now lives in Seattle) and I used to spend several nights a week together when our kids were babies. Our lives have changed a lot since then, and none of us have lived in the same town in about 6 years. Junkie went and moved to Seattle until I can find her a job here (right, Junkie?) but Stace is moving a couple of miles down the road from me. And all we need now is a bottle of Boone’s Farm, a carton of cigarettes, and some Dead playing in the background – and it will be like old times.

This week, however, it’s going to be slumber party every night! I’m totally having to resist the urge to break out the nail polish and I am trying to remind myself that we’re not nine and that she probably would rather do more grown-up things tonight. Like drink copious amounts of alcohol and watch Dancing with the Stars. A show she will grow to love. If I have anything to say about it.

Either way – I’m taking bets on how long it will be before she regrets moving here. And what will it be that pushes her over the edge? Will it be the frequent phone calls from me saying, “Help! I need someone to pick up my kids from school!” Or maybe my perpetual presence at her apartment with the pool? Or will it possibly be the constant “coincidence” that occurs every night my family shows up at her door just about dinner time? (Did I mention she actually cooks? How did I not learn from her?) I’m betting the final straw of her tolerance will be the 18th time I spill something on her carpet. I’m thinking she’s forgotten how much destruction a klutz like me can cause on a person’s home.

Hurry up, Stacey! I’ve got the latest copy of Teen Beat for us to drool over! I hear Bon Jovi is making a comeback.

10 thoughts on “If only Christian Slater had a new movie out”

  1. If it were a slumber party @ my house with old friends we’d be hanging up posters of New Kids on the Block & watching re-runs of Doogie Howser!!!!

    Enjoy the good times!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you. I wish one (or all!) of my old friends from high school and college would come live near me! But they all think their cities (NYC, San Diego, Buffalo?!) are better than mine. Grrr…

  3. Wow, moving near you? I’m getting together for a weekend with my 4 high school BFF’s and I can’t wait. If they all moved near me, my head might explode.

  4. Oh, sleepovers and alcohol!

    I do this regularly, perhaps too regularly, but it is ever so much fun! And I can’t believe you drank Boone’s! That stuff is just so… so, well… cheap! Like, five bucks a bottle! LOL. My girls and I stick to buck a beer or Cosmos these days.

    Have fun!

  5. I would eat my arm if either of my bff from 14 years of age on would move close enough to me that I could see them often…..ugh…you make me jealous

  6. If you could pick the celebrities for the next season of Dancing With The Stars, who would they be? ANd which professional dancers would they be paired up with?

  7. ahhhh, this post makes me want to pick up the phone and call my old friend Gaylen. She was my best friend when I lived in Japan and many, MANY nights I hung out at her house with her and Reva, her daughter. Our husbands were both firefighters, usually working the same shift (24 hours on, 24 hours off), and it was just so much fun! I miss her 🙂

  8. there’s nothing like a rousing game of never-have-i-ever to start things off!!!

    actually, that’s about all the laughter i have in me presently……want to KILL both of you for being so close w/out me.

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