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Down to one kid again

We drove LilZ to meet his Dad last night for a trip to the beach. It was nice because MrZ and I were forced to do something we rarely get a chance to do anymore. TALK. It’s funny, once you have kids it’s a little bit more tricky to spend quality time together, much less time for a simple conversation. But – for the two hour car ride home – that’s all we did. And it was nice. Of course, it helped that MrZ overdosed on sugar wafers from the gas station and was on some hilarious sugar-high that caused him to do various performances of silly cartoon voices that provided hours of entertainment. It’s nice to be married to a man with such a low tolerance to candy. It makes him a cheap date.

So, I’m back to having one kid again for a few days. I had only one child for over a decade, but now when I’m down to one again, it just feels weird. Like I am forgetting something. Like I left the oven on, or the clothes soaking in bleach. Or like I forgot to put on clothes before walking out the door. Which I’ve never done. At least not sober.

But – I must report on the most amazing of discoveries in the wake of LilZ’s departure. I went to his room this morning to grab his laundry and his BED WAS MADE. Not only that? But his room was clean. Carpet was vacuumed. And various shelves had been rearranged and reorganized. I heard a choir of angels singing and golden rays of light emitted from every corner of his room. I’ve been lecturing him a lot (read: constantly) lately about how I’m going to quit cleaning up after him. I following that by telling him if he knows what’s good for him, he’ll clean up after himself because his filthy room makes me CRAZY. And no one wants Crazy for a Mom. He was also restricted on TV and computer use at night this week. Leaving him awake and bored. It could be one or both of these things that had him organizing and cleaning every night. Or maybe he’s hiding drugs. Who cares? HIS BED WAS MADE.

4 thoughts on “Down to one kid again”

  1. Am actually totally kidding. LilZ has an awesome non-crazy but totally hip Mom. You guys rock and you should be so proud to have such an awesome kid.

    now, how can i get my financee to make the effing bed???

  2. So, are you saying that one day MAYBE my seven year old will actually clean up that disaster area of a bedroom HIMSELF?? Is there hope?? That ROCKS.

  3. He must be having withdrawls from not being able to watch My Super Sweet Sixteen. I am not “over the hill” just yet. I’m in my mid-thirties but I’m still cool. I must agree with you, Zoot. That show is just beyond frightening! LilZ has to be watching it for the cleavage because I can see no other reason that anyone would watch that crap. That show was on at the gym yesterday and I just don’t get it. Why must they all dress like hookers?

    Okay, I’m getting down off the soapbox now!!

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