What you’ve been missing

Sometimes, if I go more than a day between blog posts, and I sit back to look at what I wasn’t writing about and think: Damn. My life is boring. But also? Sometimes those boring days are so incredibly awesome I have to just share them with you. And of course, I like to fall back on my favorite list mechanism: The Bullet.

What Boring (But Awesome) Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging

  • I played some sort of modified H-O-R-S-E game with LilZ that involved NikkiZ’s child-size basketball. We kept accidentally hitting her in the head while she did her own (much more mature) things. We cracked up every time while she kept on with her tasks ignoring our childish behavior.
  • LilZ got the hysterically brilliant idea (if you’re 12, anyway) to look up “dirty” words in the dictionary. But we couldn’t find the dictionary and chose the Thesaurus instead. There aren’t any synonyms listed for “vagina” which greatly disappointed LilZ. I resisted the urge to share any I may have learned over the years.
  • We played some Dance, Dance, Revolution. MrZ is totally addicted to that game and has gotten shockingly good considering how much he hates dancing.
  • Watched WAAAY too many episodes of My Super Sweet 16 which is LilZ’s new favorite show. Have you ever seen that show? It made me have nightmares that involved the demise of our society at the hands of sequined monsters with giant boobs.
  • Went to play at the Kid’s space where NikkiZ was able to unleash some of her inner-monkey by climbing and climbing and climbing some more. She amazed me at her grace which she did not get from me. Of course, it helps having a big brother holding your hand in case you fall. Unfortunately, nobody held my hand which meant I fell no less than 12 times.
  • Tried to teach NikkiZ about picking flowers. But she kept picking them and saying, “Trash!” and throwing them away. I’m telling you, if her current infatuation with disposal is any indication – she’s going to be a garbage lady when she grows up.

I love my life.

11 thoughts on “What you’ve been missing”

  1. YOU ARE BACK!! tHANK GOD! I thought you might have gotten eaten by a shark!

    I am glad you have had such a fun time just being with your family. Days like that totally rock! It makes up for all the crazy-not-so-good-wanna-sell-the-little-beasts-on-ebay-days…at least that’s what I have been told*cough*!

  2. Oh, can’t wait to get DDR in our house but my husband is so addicted to Guitar Hero, I’m kind of afraid to try anything new.

    Loved the thesaurus story! What words DID you find?

  3. We are about to live for vacation and because of your post I will remember to pack my hazelnut cremora.

    One more thing the Super Sweet 16 on MTV is awful. The teens are the biggest brats along with their parents. I love to watch. It makes me feel like a good parent.

  4. My Sweet 16 is the WORST thing on TV. Most troubling of all is that it’s my 58-year-old husband that watches it more than ANYONE else in the house. It’s not the teenagers around here that want to watch, it’s the dirty old men!

  5. You’re the best Mom. Will you adopt? I don’t think anyone will notice that I’m several years older than you. 😉

  6. I know!She points to everything and says TRASH! Including leaves and trashcans!!So cute!

  7. Ee! My comment is below LilZs!

    Man, I remember looking up “sperm” in the dictionary when I was little, and I was so scared I’d get caught I made up a huge story about how I was studying sperm whales or something, in case I needed an alibi. Because if anyone saw me with a dictionary, of COURSE I’d be asked what I was doing. Dictionaries are shady, a gateway drug to prostitution.

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