Monday Monday

Monday and I’m still in Texas. MrZ called this morning to chat about his first day at his new job. I’m so excited for him and hate that I can’t be there to hear all about it or to kiss him “Good Luck” on his way out of the door.

Of course, all of my endearment for him went out the window as he proceeded to tell me how awesome NikkiZ is doing without me. She has actually started talking, if you can believe it. She wasn’t even saying “Mommy” yet and now she’s saying “Papa” “Shoes” “Cracker” and “Hot Sauce.” And he just keeps calling me and telling me about more words. I finally told him that he had to quit with the New Word Report or else I’d have to ditch my bosses and catch a flight on the way home today. What is wrong with that child? Doesn’t she know that she is supposed to save that stuff until I get back? BAH.

Other exciting Proof She Doesn’t Care That I’m Gone? She has evidently done nothing but laugh, giggle, play, run and frolic since I’ve been gone. Every time I’ve spoken to them she’s been nothing but a ball of joy. Is it too much to ask that she be upset a little bit? Cry a little about missing me? COME ON, Kid. I do the shopping! I’m the one in charge of bringing you home cookies, you’d better miss me a little bit or it’s NO COOKIES FOR YOU.

I’m so mature I scare myself sometimes.

13 thoughts on “Monday Monday”

  1. X keeps claiming that our kid is saying things like “airplane” and “light” when I am out of earshot. I told him that without 2nd Party Verification (aka ME), it doesn’t count.

    For what it’s worth (read: not much) my kid is going through this All About My Father phase. These days, I count for shit and will only do in a pinch if Daddy isn’t around. Bah.

  2. Alliclaus saves all her milestones for the 20 (only 20!) hours a week that I’m not home. I know that it isn’t intentional, but oh my God! I can’t even believe it!

  3. I went away for a few days when Harry was about the same age as NikkiZ and he started walking while I was gone (he was a late walker). I missed him so badly, it about drove me crazy.

  4. At least you know that the reason she’s so well adjusted is because you’ve gotten her into a routine so she’s comfortable, even without you there.

    I know, sucks ass to be the “responsible” parent, doesn’t it? Mr Z. just gets to sit back and enjoy the good times!

  5. It’s so true. We as mothers really do want everything to fall apart when we are gone. My son always seems so happy when he has been with my husband.

  6. “Cracker” and “Hot Sauce”? True southern gal!

  7. Zoot, I’m out whoring my new Reality TV and Celebrity website….come see me so I can grow old at home with my kids and not be forced to go to work outside the home.

  8. um.
    se says hot says, but not mama?
    you need to cut that girl off from the cookies, FOR SURE.
    i’m guessing about a week will do, and then maybe you could use them to bend her vocabulary to your will.

    that’ll learn her.

  9. hello, my name is tiffany and i hate my keyboard.

    it was supposed to read: ‘she says hot sauce…’
    i’m sure everyone figured that out, but i feel the need to correct myself.

    i have to throw my keyboard across the room now…

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