Running on Empty

Hello. My name is Zoot and I’m officially overwhelmed by the people, the celebrities, the food, and the beer. I have had hardly any downtime this entire trip and I’m starting to get a wee overwhelmed. It’s totally awesome, but I may pass out at any moment and not wake up for several days.

High points of the day so far:

  • Seeing Paul Rudd. But not speaking to him because I’m a huge wuss and he was walking too fast and I didn’t remember his name.
  • Making eye contact with Chris Kattan but not talking to him either. Again: Big Wuss.
  • Being at a panel with the LonelyGirl15 crew and seeing them upload this video in action. Those guys are awesome and I got pictures of Amalah and Sweetney talking to them later. TOTALLY COOL.
  • Seeing the “Diaper Diarists” panel with these really cool bloggers. Have you ever heard of Dad Gone Mad (hee)?
  • Sitting down right now and taking a damn break from the walking. OH MY GOD. THE WALKING. ITS KILLING ME.

6 thoughts on “Running on Empty”

  1. I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to rest at SXSW. Pleaes pick yourself up right now and get another free bottle of brew.

    Hurry now. Austin is waiting.

  2. Babe, take a deep breath… and then, OMFG- PAUL RUDD? HE IS TOTALLY HOTTTT! AND CHRIS KATTAN? I am no help at all… I would be KRA-ZEE!

    You are that cool! Wow, the picture’s are gonna rock, wait, there are picture’s?


    Like you do not have enough pressure!!!

    I am so glad you are having fun.

  3. OMG Paul Rudd? He is SOFA-KING-CUTE. I’d totally drop whatever I was doing to run after him and hump his leg and drool on his shirt.

  4. so um… here’s an embarrassing admission….

    I have been really hooked on lg15 since she/it first surfaced on youtube!

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