Must. Have. Coffee.

We got into Austin, TX around midnight last night. Or later. Or maybe earlier. Or maybe I was drunk. (Kidding! Not drunk! Yet!) The hotel is nice, but I got up at 5am to run and the treadmills are not nice. I didn’t even make it half-of-a-mile. They are rickety and scary and I think I may need to find a running alternative here. Since the hotel is practically ON the exit ramp, I doubt I’ll find a place to run here – but we’ll see. The door to my room walks out into the food area (perfect) and is about 10 feet from the diet coke machine (even better).

I’m trying my best not to think about missing my family. Although I miss them terribly already. I need my morning kisses from NikkiZ to start the day. I decided to substitute those with crappy room coffee, but it’s just too crappy. The big breakfast starts in a few minutes, so I’m going to head out to get some caffeine and then come back to get back to work. (Fun!)

I brought my camera(s) and am going to be taking loads of pictures while I’m here. I’m also hoping to update regularly to let you know how things go. I’m hoping to hook up with Amy and her partner panelists in crime at some point this evening.

Off to SXSW!

6 thoughts on “Must. Have. Coffee.”

  1. ACK! Poor Zoot! Just remember that you’re doing this for “the greater good”…well, it always sounds better when the superhero’s say it!

    I feel ya…I just volunteered (smack me in the head next time I say those words) to work the 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. shift at my work, and I’ll go to son’s bball game at 10 a.m…then bak to work at 6 p.m.

    Shoot me. At least you’re allowed alcohol!

  2. The hotel you are staying at is NOT surrounded by the nicest neighborhoods. Be careful where you run. Town lake is really the place to run as long as you don’t mind a taxi or bus ride to get there. It is very pleasent.

  3. Hey, I live on the east side and there are are some great neighborhoods! I don’t know which hotel you’re at, but the eastside by downtown/town lake is all families and is NOT dangerous just because it’s low income. Plus it’s all quickly yuppifying Definitely head south to Town Lake to run, no need at all to run on a treadmill! You can start at Fiesta Gardens and head west toward downtown from there.

  4. Zoot – long time fan, very rare commenter – I don’t know where you are staying but take a quick taxi ride to the Congress Street bridge and run around Town lake. Great trail, lots of people out. I lived in Austin for five years and there is a wonderful running community there. Have fun!!!

  5. Get your butt over to the lake (town lake, isn’t it?) the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Go at dusk and watch the bats. Do you have a car?

    Or lemme know and I’ll come kidnap you and we can find a place to run.

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