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I feel good.

Guess what I just did? I just ran 5 miles – on my lunch break. I’m totally hard core, aren’t I? Actually – because I’m slow – I had to take an extended lunch break to accomplish this task. So, I guess I’m not that hard core, but still! Five Miles! And because I’ve heard the Nashville Marathon is very hilly (The exact comment was, “That is going to be your first marathon? You’re a braver woman than I.”) I decided to add some inclines during my treadmill run. Let me tell you, running on a treadmill pointing up slightly? Is very weird. I kept expecting to lose my balance and bust my ass in front of everyone. But I didn’t. This time.

I also did my first Shower At The Y routine so that I could try to clean myself off before going back to work. (The owner’s of the company all say in unison: THANK YOU.) It was an interesting experience considering I was the youngest one in the locker room by a good thirty years. At one point I actually looked at my body and said to myself, “Damn. I look good.” Which is exactly the opposite from the evening when I’m the oldest by 15 years. It’s all high school girls and I’m cowering in the corner trying not to walk past any mirrors or even look down at my own body.

I think I may try to do this again next week. It’s difficult finding time to do my mid-week training runs now that they take an hour minimum and sometimes 2+. I just don’t have the energy at night to run for 15 minutes, much less 2 hours. I’m going to start trying to do a couple of the runs in the morning (forcing MrZ to get NikkiZ ready for daycare – which he’s thrilled about) and one at lunch each week. This will free all but one weeknight for me, allowing me to watch my TV shows hang out with my wonderful family every night after work.

Another thing running at lunch does? Gives me motivation to avoid the candy bowl for the rest of the day. Or at least for the next 10 minutes.

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  1. Stop. You’re scaring me! If you stop slacking that means either I’ll have to stop reading your blog or I’ll have to stop slacking.
    And I’m not going to stop reading your blog!!!


  2. I work out at the Y on my lunches, too. And, boy, the stories I could tell you about grannies’ boobs! They have NO decency, I tell ya! They all walk around butt-ass naked, stand around talking to each other naked, and bend over to dry their toes when, and, um, they don’t bother putting their backs to the wall. Oh lordy, I find myself being uncomfortable often on lunches! Except, sadly, I don’t think I look good, I’m usually thinking, damn! I”m as saggy and flabby as these ol’ ladies!

  3. Zoot, I can also tell you stories like Ang about granny boobs. My grandma’s! The last time I saw them was in a nightmare… they hit the floor!

    Anyway, you’re very beautiful! Slacking isn’t always bad. Everybody should take a break and enjoy life while eating a Suzi-Q, as long as grandma is not around.

  4. Glsd you evaded the wrath of the Tornado!
    But if you had to out run one, we now know you could do it. 5 miles! You are a good girl. I cant run to the end of the street!

  5. onsecondthought – I’m Angela. I’m coasting through my twenties, living a happy little life in Kansas City with my new(ish) wonderful husband, Nick. We are fresh suburban homeowners and recent initiates into working life. I have a few years of a graphic design career under my belt and am pretty enthusiastic about creativity and design. Nick endures the daily grind of a technology company cube farm and actually enjoys it. Weird. In our free time, besides being lazy around the house and acting like goofy dorks with each other, we love to hang out with our fabulous friends and family, check out art shows and go hiking, and one of us likes to devour anything and everything sports-related. (hint: not me)
    angela says:

    Mucho impressed. The only thing I do during my lunch break is stuff my face and stare at the computer screen.

  6. Hi, I have been reading you for a while and now I am delurking. I just wanted to say that you are such a motivation to me! Even though you have no idea who I am! Is this weird? It seems weird! Just reading about 5 miles on a lunchbreak makes me want to take a nap. Good luck with your training!

  7. Again, I’m impressed with your dedication to running and training. 5 miles over lunch would probably be enough to do me in! Well, 5 miles at any time of day would!!!

  8. Wow! I’m impressed! All I do at lunch is stuff my pie-hole and whine about the fact that my ass is expanding!

  9. That’s so awesome…I’m going to go back through your archives and browse all the running posts to see how you went from not-running to running marathons. You’re very inspiring!!

    Oh hey, there is a post on PostSecret today from person “totally addicted” to diet coke. That was you right?! 🙂 Maybe there should be a diet-coke-anonymous…

  10. Awesome! I would very much like to run a marathon one of these days. When is yours? Right now I’m on a running streak – the goal is to run at least one mile every day for the entire year. Today is day 64. Usually I run more than one mile obviously but I haven’t run 5 in a long time! Your post has motivated me.

  11. Working out at lunch rocks! Back when I had a downtown office job I did it several times a week. It really energized me for the rest of the afternoon—even more than the 3 pm diet-coke pick-me-up. I highly recommend doing it on a regular basis if you can swing it!

  12. Swistle – Thistleville – Swistle lives with her husband Paul and children Robert (born 1999), William (born 2001), twins Elizabeth and Edward (born 2005), and Henry (born 2007). Email: Swistle at Gmail dot com. "Swistle" rhymes with "thistle."
    Swistle says:

    I find that if I’ve been, say, reading People magazine and hanging out somewhere there are a lot of teenaged girls, I feel like a saggy old bag. But if I people-watch at the mall, and then spend some time where there are a lot of old ladies, I feel like a hot property.

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