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Toddlers + Sugar = Thank God for Daycare

NikkiZ’s class had a Valentine’s Day party yesterday. It was gobs of fun once we started stuffing food in their faces. They “skipped” snack since the party was supposed to start within an hour of normal snack time. However, I was there early and the kids were UNHAPPY and frantically doing the signs for “EAT” meaning, “WE KNOW WE MISSED SNACK. GIVE US FOOD.” We gave them goldfish to hold them over and when the parents all got there, we handed out the cupcakes and cookies and brownies and straight-jackets (for the parents).

The kids had a BALL. NikkiZ actually pulled the cake of one cupcake OFF OF the icing. She was holding it upside down, picking the cake pieces out of the icing. She’s like her mother, I’m not a big fan of the icing either. However, I bought (of course, like I’m going to bake) big cupcakes from The Fresh Market for the grown-ups and the icing on those things both (a) exceeded toxic levels in terms of quantity and (b) tasted like it was made by angels. The cupcake portion was moist and melted in my mouth. There is a rumor going around that I ate THREE of them. I think I am still denying that rumor.

All-in-all, it was loads of fun. It helped me cope with the fact that LilZ didn’t even need Valentines this year. He actually seemed mortified that I even asked him. “Mom. I’m in Junior High now. We don’t do that anymore.” They’re too busy smoking cigarettes and making out, I guess. It’s hard for me with every element of childhood we leave behind for him, it’s a good think I had the cupcakes to help me cope.

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  1. You know what’s sad? I don’t know about daycares around here, but at a lot of elementary schools, kids aren’t even allowed to have cupcakes or candy or anything for holidays, because “It isn’t healthy.” And I can see the point, but isn’t Valentine’s Day all about the candy?

  2. he’s not too old! me and my mom still exchange valentines with eachother. it’s good too because it was the only one i got this year.

    *stabs husband in his sleep*

  3. Junior High is a tough one – I had a heck of a time letting Gameboy grow-up. (okay still having a heck of a time) One thing I did do is send him to school with a bag (or 3) of standard valentine candy to share with his homeroom & other friends. Of course now that he’s in High School (damn!) he didn’t want to do even that and declared yesterday the worst day of the whole year because he was “the only one” not making out after school. (dying here)

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