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Speaking of my child’s brain…

As is the ritual with every one of our checkups, it’s time for the entry discussing my daughter’s enormous head!

NikkiZ’s weight from yesterday put her in the 10% margin for her age group, which is still quite tiny. However, at least her weight increased a bit, last visit she had actually lost weight from the visit before. Her height put her even smaller by coming in at a whopping 5%. And now…where did her head circumference come in?


97%! She may be short and skinny, but by god her head is ginormous! Her brain may not be developing since I’m not cramming whole milk down her throat, but it sure is growing! She’s just like her mother, that one is. MrZ won’t even let me wear his ballcaps because he says that my melonhead will stretch them out. I prefer to look at it as him having an awfully tiny head as opposed to mine being too large. I also have a lot of hair, dammit, it’s not all head under there.

Either way. She’s still my little Q-tip, that child.

7 thoughts on “Speaking of my child’s brain…”

  1. My 13mo old boys’ heads are off the charts huge too, over 100%. I have never been able to wear many hats, women’s sized ones just don’t fit! My hubbie’s head is just a bit BIGGER than mine unbelievably enough. Thank god they were born c-section. I am sure your little “qtip” will grow into hers.

  2. Hey, I’ve got one of those kids too! I don’t know where he gets it, but it’s true. We have to dress him in button-up shirts — so he looks like quite the little preppy, in polos in the spring and summer and henleys and rugbys in the winter. Only thing is, we can’t do any over-the-head-sweatshirts at all, or my little 2 year old would have to wear a size 5 — dragging down to the ankles! Thank goodness for hoodies …

    I haven’t commented lately, but I just wanted to say that I love stopping by … there’s always something new and good to read … and I love your blog!

  3. My husband has a tiny head too. We always take pictures with him slightly in front of me so that our heads equal out a little more. It also doesn’t help that he is shorter than me.

    Hey, most hollywood stars have gigantic heads. Maybe she will be famous.

  4. haha. I think MrZ’s head is abnormally small. 😛 So there.
    I have a big-ish head, I think, but not huge for my size or anything. And yes, the hair is a definite contributor!

  5. Whenever Mr Stapler sees one of those little tuner cars (the kind with the farting mufflers) he predicts “Boy with little head” and he is usually right. Big head=big brain, which is good, right?

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