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Yay! for excercise. Boo! for sharing.

I went to the Y last night to run my three miles around 7:30pm. That is about what time I go every night. Between 7 and 7:30, after NikkiZ falls asleep or at least at the point where she is so close to sleep I can leave her to rock next to MrZ while he plays video games. It tends to be a little crowded at that point, usually there is only one set of treadmills open next to each other. Sometimes, LilZ and I have to split up, but it’s not too big of a deal.

This week and last week have been a little different. They’ve been so crowded I’ve been lucky just to find one for me to use. At 7:30 last night I found one treadmill open. ONE. Part of me is like, “Everyone is going to get healthy this year. FANTASTIC.” I feel such a comradery with other people exercising. Whether they’re walking on the Greenway, or running my long-run route, or on the treadmills. I know how hard it is for me to make that step every time, I feel bonded with other people who made the same difficult – but good – decision.

BUT – what am I supposed to do if there is not one available? Bah! And I don’t like not being able to choose which area I want to use because what if the only one open is across the cardio section from the TV I want to watch? Or what if it’s next to Crazy Runs At Full Speed Guy? I hate running next to him because I always envision that he’s going to fall (He runs at a 9.0 – that’s SO FAST for a treadmill) (Yes, I looked.) and take me down with him. I like to find someone a little safer to run next to. And the people who use the “elevation” function on the treadmill? Running next to them screws with my equilibrium because I see their machine pointed up in my periphery and it screws with me. But it’s so crowded every night I don’t have a choice. And my biggest fear is actually not that there won’t be one to use, but that I’ll have to run between So Fast Guy and Person Running Uphill. Man. That would suck.

So, either everyone will start to fade away as they fail at their resolutions (which I don’t really want…I swear) or I’ll just have to wait and come at 8pm which is oddly the magic time it starts to thin out. I know this because I’m still running.

By the by, it’s weird to start running and the cardio section be full, but when I finish? About half of the machines are empty. All of the child-care areas shut down at 8pm, which is what I’m assuming causes the mass exodus. Either that? Or there is full-moon werewolf type phenomena that causes people to transform at 8pm every night from Person Who Desires to be Healthy to Person Who Eats Too Many Brownies. I make that conversion around 9pm, myself. But everyone is different.

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  1. Yeah, I understand that January is a tough time to be a regular at they gym. Lots of sharing… they don’t have a reservation system at your gym? Our Y and the other gym make you reserve the treadmills, for that reason.

    Good for you for sticking with it. You are my hero.

  2. I had the same flip out last night. I was FURIOUS when I arrived at the gym – the same gym I’ve been going to almost every night since way before Jan. 1, thankyouverymuch – only to find that there wasn’t a single treadmill open. NOT ONE. And, ah, there was a woman sitting on one of the bikes KNITTING, as in, she wasn’t doing anything, she was KNITTING, while she waited for her husband.

    I hate New Year’s resolutions, and ours doesn’t have a reservation system, either (which secretly I’m glad about, because if something comes up while I’m leaving, I’d like to be able to just leave.)

  3. I LOATHE the gym in January. I am going today, but will just be walking on the track.

    The New Year’s Suckers will taper off around the end of January, by the end of February they will be back to normal. Summer is the best time at the gym because folks do outside activites then.

  4. when I was going to the gym on a regular basis the first few months of the year were crazy busy. It is always interesting to see who stays with it and who doesn’t!! I am in awe that you can go late. Once I am home and been home for awhile its hard to motivate myself to do anything. Good for you!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Bahhhhh – I know right – I had the same inner dialog last night. I swear I don’t want them to fail but jeeze – I walked next to running man last night and oh sweet lord did he scare me, his tennis shoes scraped against the belt a couple of times and I didn’t know weither to laugh or scream.

  6. My gym was packed last night too. I was actually keeping a worried eye on the machines around me as a I ran because the rule is that if they are all full, someone can kick you off after 25 minutes, and I can’t run 5 miles in 25 minutes. Luckily there was enough rotation that there was always at least one open.

    I could not run next to 9.0 guy. That would totally throw my steps off.

  7. I hate the people who walk really slow and talk on their cell phones and the divas who come in full hair and make up and dont even break a sweat! They piss me off so bad! What is the point! One lady at my gym reads a book while she lifts weights? Or the teenagers who come en masse and monopolize every piece of weight equipment fooling around. I also despise people who do not wipe down the equipment.

    I need my own personal gym because I generally hate people.

  8. That’s been happening at my gym too, but it’s mostly with the elliptical trainers which is what I use. And! The classes are really full, so when I go to my step class I have to be careful not to trip over someone else’s step, which considering how klutzy I am is a real possibility. I’m all for everyone getting in shape as long as it doesn’t cause me to injure myself.

  9. I suggest a sign that says, “If you are really changing your life – bravo for you! If you are just doing the same thing you do every January – break already! Remember how great your couch feels?”

    I want them out of my gym and away from my tv.

  10. probably a silly question – do you have any trouble with sleeping because of working out in the evening? I think evening would be a good time for me to go – but I am always afraid the working out and the shower will mess with my “clock” since I have always worked out early in the mornings?

  11. 8:30pm – that’s when I go from healthy, I-care-about-what–I-eat-and-WANT-to-be-healthy-and-junk-food-must-DIE-woman, to dammit-why-is-all-the-ice-cream-gone-already-I-guess-I’ll-have-two-packages-of-tasteycakes-instead-woman.

  12. Here’s my de-lurk! I have commented in the past, but rarely. Because I suck.

    I want to get into running, but, well, my boobs have a lot of milk in them. It sounds uncomfortable. Any suggestions?

  13. One brownie per mile seems pretty fair to me. If I established a rule like that, maybe that would make me run more often.

  14. Here, I am a faithful reader, but NOT a runner. Your blog delights me every day and your children are wonderful. Just wanted to de-lurk also. Come see me sometime too.

  15. I’m always conflicted in January for the same reason. Part of me is glad that people are taking the initiative to get in shape, but part of me is annoyed that I have to deal with the overcrowding when I’m a “regular”. I telecommute so I have some flexibility to my hours. I usually try to hit the gym at 11:00 AM, before lunch hour and avoiding many of the rush blocks. But this week, it’s been packed… and it drives me bonkers!

  16. Yeah, January at the gym annoys me. I’m always like “Hey, jerks, you should have to wait in line, I come here all the time.” Our gym is horrific right now – I couldn’t even get a treadmill the other day. I want to just go buy one so BAD but do not have room for it in our teeny apartment.

    Would it be wrong to put the dining room table in the spare bedroom and plunk down a treadmill right there?

  17. I went this morning and it was pretty busy (around 10am) … I didn’t stay long because i am the woman the childcare paople have to come and get off the treadmill…because her child won’t stop SCREAMING!

    Oh! AND when I got there THREE of the TVs were on CNN…so I went up to the desk and asked if I could change one…the guy actually gave me a hard time about it. He said someone might complain….I changed it anyway.

  18. My husband is the crazy running guy on the treadmill. He generally prefers running outdoors, but he will occasionally run on a treadmill to run a 5 minute mile. He has to look around, test the treadmills, to find a treadmill that tops out at 12mph. I always think he is going to lose his footing and fly right into the wall behind him.

    I am the person who loves the incline. It makes the running way harder. Of course, I haven’t been to the gym since I was pregnant. Now that my son is old enough for the childcare, I am going back.

  19. 9.0 on a treadmill? Insanity, I say! That’s why I ended up getting an elliptical for my apartment. I couldn’t stand going to the fitness room at my workplace (on top of the fact that it’s inconvenient, since I have to work out BEFORE work and then rinse off in the shower, before changing into my work clothes), because sometimes the machine I wanted to use was already being used by somebody else.

  20. My trainer at my gym says this insanity lasts about two months -he actually said he wanted to open up a separate gym for all of them!

  21. Back in the days when I worked out, i.e. prewedding, there was a girl at our Y that we dubbed hamster-girl. She was always there when we arrived and still going when we left, just running as fast as could be on a treadmill while staring straight ahead. She made Nicole Richie look fat.

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