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Favorite Chair

So, my brother-in-law just moved into a new, but very small house. He has had to downsize in the furniture department and we are only luckier because of it. MrZ took his old coffee table and refinished it with black stain – making it an awesome fit to our living room. I claimed his kinda old-n-busted recliner because it’s SO DAMN COMFORTABLE.

Well…not only is it old-n-busted, it’s also kinda ugly. Not in an obvious way, it’s just a subtle maroon-plaid type of fabric. But, as compared to the rest of our pretty neutral with orange-y couches? It looks dreadful.

But did I mention it’s damn comfortable?

Everyone in the family has fallen in love with the damn thing, but we all know it’s a dangerous relationship because the longer the chair is here, the more we realize it is not treating us well. It is kinda abusive, that chair. It makes us lazy, it makes us fight, and it makes our living room feel cramped.

But did I mention it’s damn comfortable?

We almost regret every getting it, not because we don’t love it, but the opposite. We love it so much we feel we’ll never be able to get rid of it now. It’s going to be with us forever.

MrZ said, “Let’s get a NEW one.” Which seemed like a good idea, at first. But – have you seen how expensive recliners are? What’s up with that? Is it some sort of patented technology? Is it proprietary to LaZBoy? Why are they so damn expensive? I was thinking they’d be like, $200 or something. But nope. $400 is CHEAP. Some of them are $800 or $900. And they don’t even give you back rubs or make dinner for you. If I’m going to pay $900 dollars for a chair, it better do more than just hold my ass. It better rub it too.

So, we’re stuck with the super-comfy-kind-hideous chair for now. And we all love it so much we fight over it. The other day, NikkiZ fell asleep in MrZ’s arms in the chair. Along with several of the four-legged members of our family. He was trying to call me in from the other room to take a picture without disturbing the crowd. If NikkiZ had been awake she would have pushed them all out of the chair. She does NOT like sharing laps. I think the dogs have figured this out because as soon as she’s asleep – they jump on.

Unfortunately, someone was left out, as you can see here:

(I colored it B&W to avoid blinding you with the clashing upholstery.)

Of course it didn’t take long for Sunflower (the cat) to give up her spot and Lil’ Girl to take it over.

There’s no way we can get rid of that chair. The animals would stage a mutiny if we did. They outnumber us, you know. The second they realize that the chair will stay and we’ll be locked outside for good.

20 thoughts on “Favorite Chair”

  1. Luvre these captures. The last one is priceless.

    Comfy is better than pretty in my book.

  2. What about having it reupholstered? If the chair is structurally in good shape it’ll be cheaper to find a fabric you love.

  3. EEK. I would to get a slipcover, unfortunately it wouldn’t help the parts that are actually broken. We don’t even recline it anymore because we’re afraid it will fall apart. If it were just ugly? Slipcovers would ROCK.

    Wow. It’s ugly and broken. We’re totally classy, aren’t we?

  4. That last photo is precious althought I do love the way Lil Girl is looking at NikkiZ like as if to say, “why is that CHILD in my way?

  5. Oh man, that takes me back!! We had one almost identical and we LOVED it. Loved is an action verb there. It was used and a little broken as well. Never fear Zoot, when it has had enough lovin’ it breaks in such a way as to not be functional any more. The arm broke and sagged a little and then stuck in the reclined position and even duct tape wouldn’t fix it…hee hee.

  6. All furniture is super expensive. We still use the bed and dresser set that my Grandma had when I was like 5. We are also trying to find an affordable dresser/changing table combo for the baby’s room and the cheapest one we’ve found that isn’t janky is still $200.

  7. Our family has that exact same chair, in the exact same fabric too. It’s been passed around all over the place, but I think my sister has it now. And it is super comfortable. Even more so if you flip the top head cushion up over the back. Sometimes it’s too fluffy.

    We have a chair that I tested in the store for its comfortableness and I dreamed of how I would lay in it and read and it would be wonderful to prop my feet up on the ottoman. yeah. The St. Bernard has claimed it. And if she wants in it she will stand and stare at you and possibly howl. So now I have an $800 dog bed.

  8. Well what can I say, it’s a popular chair, I sure would Love one too but they are expensive, plus where would I put it, anywhere I put it outside my room it would end up “not my property :|” I love the pictures of Mr Z, NikkiZ and the “pets” or are “we” the pets, It is literally like one of them is saying “move the kid, she’s in My spot!”
    $800 dog bed, I know some people that would pamper their pets with such things..
    Happy New Year Miss Zoot and may it be a great year.

  9. That last picture is awesome!! What sweet babies!

    Our house is slowly being taken over by our dogs (as I type this our 9-year-old corgi/german shepherd mix is on the couch…the “good” couch.)

  10. So I was wondering if you’ve ever checked out this? I know we do in Pgh.

    Sorry I haven’t been by in a while. I’m surfacing from the Crazy. Of course, you’re running marathons and raising two children, so I feel not-worthy of your greatness. But I do read you when I have a second!

  11. I say keep it and slipcover it. Surefit slipcovers really do rock! I have a chair that my yellow lab allows my husband to sit in that I am about to slipcover again for the 3rd time. Buy a new chair? Never!! This chair has just the perfect balance of dog slobber and hair! How would I ever be able to duplicate that?

  12. What cute pics! Definitely ones for the scrapbook! By the way, I am using one of your freebie blogskins, and I have gotten lots of compliments on it. Thanks for sharing!

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