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The stories I’ve kept from you…

So, I bought my boys a Wii for Christmas. A Wii. Do you even know what that is? I didn’t until I heard the guys at work talking about them. It is a game system made by Nintendo that has a controller that actually responds to movement. When you play the bowling game? You actually bowl with the controller, if that makes sense. Anyway – the more the guys at the office talked about it – the more I realized how much the guys at home would luvvvvv one. So, I set out to get one.


They were not being produced fast enough and the stores locally were saving shipments to sell on Sundays. So, for the month of December, every Sunday morning I got up at the crack of dawn to find a line to stand in. I took NikkiZ every time because I didn’t want anyone to know what time I left the house. Three weekends in a row I stood in line. In the cold. And came home empty-handed. EVERY TIME. The worst weekend was the time I got to Circuit City at 2:30am. I bundled up NikkiZ and curled up in a camping chair and talked to other Moms (and Dads) throughout the night. I was #4 in line and the rumor was they only had a few. Like maybe even less than 5. At 7:30am, the manager came out and told us the shipment didn’t come in. Luckily – we had a crowd come over from K-mart an hour earlier saying the same thing happened there, so we were bracing ourselves for the worst.

I ended up just breaking down and bidding for one on eBay. I only paid a little bit over sticker price for it and got it on time. I made MrZ and LilZ do a scavenger hunt for it using lyrics as clues. Example – Clue #1 was Pour some ______ on me, in the name of love. And the clue was…under the SUGAR. Do you get it? Aren’t I awesome? When they opened it up they were both in shock. Not only did neither of them ask for it (they didn’t hear how awesome it was from the guys I work with) but they wouldn’t have ever dreamed I would have gone through the trouble to get one. They LOVE it. We all do. I played tennis with MrZ last night. My mother-in-law bowled with LilZ this weekend. It is one of those games that the entire family can play. You don’t have to know anything about video games. If you can golf in real life? You can golf on the TV. If you can’t in real life? You might have better luck on this game.

So – that was the big Santa gift this year. They have both told me it was super-awesome and that I rock all sorts of gift-giving socks. It was worth the trouble. Unfortunately – I’ll never be able to pull off something so totally awesome every again. Let’s hope they enjoyed it. Next year they’re just getting underwear.

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  1. We LOVE our wii! I surprised Connor with one. It was the only thing he wanted and I had him convinced they were impossible to get! I actually scored one from! I was so relieved I didnt have to stand in line for one! The graphics are so cheesey but its so fun making mii’s and competing against each other!

  2. Well you sure outdid me this year, then. 😉 We were so po’, that I was only able to get Kile a $25 gift card to Kohl’s. He got me a ethernet adapter for my laptop. Lol! *sigh* Here’s hoping that next year is a lot better financially!

  3. If you can get the thicker straps for the controllers, do it. Nintendo was replacing the straps because people are getting carried away with their controllers and the security straps aren’t holding up and they are smashing their TV’s.

  4. ACK! So jealous! Hubby wanted one for Christmas but we just bought a gamecube about four months ago, so I was NOT buying a new game system when we are still enjoying the last one (little does hubby know I’m slowly cracking down)

    *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to enjoy my Kodak P880 digital…LOL

  5. I went out with my boyfriend the first weekend they came out, just before Thanksgiving. We totally lucked out… we had first gone to Target, but they were all out, so instead we ended up going to this other Best Buy that was indoors, meaning we didn’t have to wait in the cold for two hours!

    I love the bowling… it’s definitely my fave.

  6. onsecondthought – I’m Angela. I’m coasting through my twenties, living a happy little life in Kansas City with my new(ish) wonderful husband, Nick. We are fresh suburban homeowners and recent initiates into working life. I have a few years of a graphic design career under my belt and am pretty enthusiastic about creativity and design. Nick endures the daily grind of a technology company cube farm and actually enjoys it. Weird. In our free time, besides being lazy around the house and acting like goofy dorks with each other, we love to hang out with our fabulous friends and family, check out art shows and go hiking, and one of us likes to devour anything and everything sports-related. (hint: not me)
    angela says:

    Better pace yourself. How are you going to top this next year?

  7. I got my *ahem* husband the Wii for Christmas and we love it! I wasn’t going to get it then I got an offer to buy it from Amazon and I snatched it up because I’m not nearly as dedicated as you are, what a nice thing to do for your boys!

    I love the baseball and we also purchased a smashing game and can’t wait for Play to come out.

  8. Yay for E-bay is all I can say. I scored our Wii on ebay, but don’t tell my boys. They think Santa made it.

    I am loving it. I never ever played the GameCube, but this one is different. The best part is how active my boys are when they play. I posted a video on my blog of my husband and son boxing. They crack me up. The whole family is having fun with it.

  9. My husband desparately wants a Wii, but not enough to wait in any lines or pay more than the list price, so we will continue to wait until local stock is replenished. I’m thinking (hoping, for his sake) they should be plentiful at the end of this month.

  10. My boyfriend and I got one on Black Friday… Thank god being great friends with the assitant manager at EB! They had 3 come in, and they held all 3… one for us and the other 2 for 2 of our other friends.

    It’s awesome. Everyone in my house loves it, and all my relatives that come over love it. It’s definitally fun for the whole family!

    I’m glad that they loved it. =) At least it’s not like the PS3 where people were jacking up the price double for what it would sell for!

  11. We got my son a Wii also. My guy stood in line from 2:a.m. on the second shipment. What’s up with the shippments not coming in?! Seriously that sounds fishy to me. We got ours at toys R Us…and they were only giving out 35 at a time. The mgr at TRU told me that they had the shippments for the last week but just weren’t releasing them. Nice huh.

    We love Zelda, Rabbid Rabbits and Tony Hawk…but I love the bowling the most!

    I thought about going the ebay way but I was going to have to pay nearly 200 over and I just couldn’t make myself do it.

    Glad they’re enjoying it.

  12. My husband got one and plays it non-freaking-stop. he even took it on on our ski vacation and played it there. Good for him, bad for me.

    Way to go — his mom had to get his on eBay too!

  13. You are sooo lucky! I live in the frozen north, and shipments of Wii’s are few and far between. I have a gift card to buy one with, but I have yet to be in a store that has an actual wii. I can’t wait!

  14. That took some serious commitment. Sounds like it was worth it, at least! 🙂 I’ve heard of it, but I didn’t know it was motion-sensitive. Maybe even a non-video gaming person would like it? Possibly. I’d have to try it at somebody else’s house, though. 🙂

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