We were total grownups last night

We had a Christmas dinner last night at one of those places that serves sidedishes separately from the entrees. And the entrees cost $30 or so each. It was crazy-fancy. This meant, of course, we had to put on our grown-up clothes which, although we don’t do it often, we totally love to do. MrZ just bought his first suit this year, but has found a reason to wear it four times since he bought it. Which he should, he looks so rockin’ in it. I bought myself a fancy satin shirt and spent the hour before leaving with my rain jacket on and buttoned to my chin because I was afraid NikkiZ would drool or snot or spit on it. I kept saying, “I’m scared to let anything happen to this fabric – it’s very high-maintenance!”

We stopped for coffee before dinner (we had time to kill) and MrZ said something about “evening makeup” to which I replied, “What the hell is evening makeup?” He then continue to school me on how you are supposed to do your makeup differently for nights out than you would during the day. Or some such cosmetic wisdom like that. Why is it that my husband knows that kind of stuff but I don’t?

We had a fantastic food and hilarious conversation. I think it’s a good sign when you have so much fun at a company function that you are shocked by how late it is when you leave. (I’m sure sharing a bottle of wine (Riesling!) with one other person helped).

I also bought crazy tall boots for the occasion. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a shoe with so much of a heal before in my LIFE. I actually managed to walk in them all night (even while carrying a baby) (and after several glasses of wine) and not fall even ONCE. To which MrZ is eternally grateful. Nothing like making an impression on the new company by busting ass in a high-class restaurant.

Of course, I was very happy to take them off when I got home. People who say that you get used to walking in heals? Are on crack. There is no way I could ever get used to that. My poor legs still hurt today and I’ve run half-marathons, so I’m not wuss. But those boots? Man. I’d rather have post-marathon blisters than post-high-heal calf cramps. Next time, I’m not putting the painful shoes on until right before we walk out the door, wearing them around for an hour before was dumb as hell.

Life’s lessons about footwear are the hardest to learn.

18 thoughts on “We were total grownups last night”

  1. great boots!

    Actually I ADORE high heels (the higher the better) and my feet hurt when I wear flat shoes now.

  2. It’s true about the night time cosmetic stuff… but I love your make-up in the picture. You look awesome!!

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t notice my evening make-up! I even put some gold shimmery stuff in my hair that is suppose to help it “catch the light”….the wine was good.

  4. You looked AWESOME! I love the shirt and the boots… where are they from?

    I never thought I could get used to heels, but after a couple of weeks of wearing them to work I can actually walk around town in them for a couple of hours. Not the super-skinny heels though… I have enough trouble keeping my balance in bare feet, so I like me a little chunk to my heel.

  5. You two look great, and it sounds like it was a fun night. Although, any night when I can drink about a half bottle of reisling is a good night.

    If you really like reislings, you should try to get your hands on a bottle made in Michigan. We make great sweet wines up here because of the cold weather. Chateau Grand Traverse makes the best, in my opinion.

    Merry Christmas to the whole Zoot family!

  6. I’m glad you had fun at your Christmas dinner! That was a great shirt 🙂 but I am with you on the heels. Heels look great but I’m not exactly sure how one is supposed to “get used to” them.

    Merry Christmas!!

  7. Woo Hoo!! Nice boots..I have 5 pairs like that..I call ’em my “Hooker Boots”..they come in handy when I want something from my “other half”!!!!

  8. Wow – half a bottle of wine, carrying a baby, in high heel boots – you deserve some kind of medal. 🙂

  9. LOVE the shirt. And the best part of high heel boots is when you get to take them off… that’s when being barefoot is absolutely heavenly!

  10. Love the boots! Love the top! Love the husband that knows more about make up than you do! LOL! I have one of those too and we both relish in telling people that he is “just gay enough.”

  11. So are you going to share where you got the boots? I was almost in tears at 11:30 on Wednesday night at Kohl’s of all places looking for black boots. That was after I had looked EVERYWHERE and had discovered that apparently I was the last one looking for boots and was left with the option of “elf-like” or “your momma wears combat boots” to choose from.

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